Educational Excellence, Net Zero Taxes for Homeowners

Debt-Free Schools Mill Levy
Englewood Public Schools 

The Debt-Free Schools Mill Levy has been included on this November’s ballot by the School Board. This mill will provide the district with stable, long-term funding for technology, maintenance, and capital construction which will also free up funds for competitive salaries and maintaining quality educational programming for our students, all without increasing taxes. 

Opportunities for a Small District
The Englewood Schools community takes pride in our state-of-the-art buildings, small class sizes, a variety of career technical education classes and certifications, concurrent enrollment options, and talented staff. Every day, we work in partnership with families to understand each child's gifts and needs, so we can help all students grow and succeed. Passage of this Mill Levy, the first since 2016, will allow us to keep Englewood Schools competitive with neighboring districts in a smaller setting and continue to build a new tradition of excellence.  

Where New Funding Will Go
The Debt-Free Mill Levy will provide the district with a predictable, long-term revenue stream while retaining tax neutrality for Englewood homeowners. Funding will be used for: 

  • New technology 

  • Existing technology upgrades 

  • Maintenance needs 

By creating revenue streams to offset these costs, general fund dollars will be freed up to invest in: 

  • New salary schedules for school personnel like custodians, nutrition services, para-professionals, and bus drivers 

  • Competitive salaries for teachers 

  • Investment in programs that keep Englewood great 

  • Preparing students for success 

Net Zero Taxes for Homeowners
Ultimately, this measure will increase funding to the schools with no property tax increase for homeowners. 

This ballot measure will allow the district to continue responsibly investing in our schools. Englewood Schools will decrease our overall General Obligation Bond Mill Levy by approximately 5 mills, and increase the Debt-Free Schools Act mill by the same amount, resulting in no net change for overall residential property taxes.  

Arguments for Voting for the Measure:

  • We can invest in our students, support staff, and teachers without raising costs.

  • Good schools are one of the most important things we can do for our property values, meaning this measure, with zero net impact on property taxes, is an impactful way to invest in our schools and our neighborhoods.

  • We can continue to keep Englewood Schools competitive and invest in cutting-edge educational programs for our students by providing these stable, long-term resources – all without raising property tax costs.

Arguments for Voting Against the Measure:

  • With Proposition HH on the ballot, now is not the time to be making changes around property taxes, even if it goes for a good cause. What is happening to everyone’s property taxes is just too complicated, and now is not the time to be adding another complexity. 

  • Property taxes will be higher for both home and business owners this year given the rise in assessed valuation across the state.

  • For years, the state of Colorado has underfunded what they send to all school districts. The state should be responsible for increasing funding for schools and not Englewood.