Englewood Schools is a public school district located just south of Denver, Colorado. Our district is small and personalized, and remarkable relationships are an important part of making sure students achieve academic and personal success.

Englewood Schools has over 2,500 students enrolled, from our early childhood education center, our four elementary schools, two middle schools and two high schools. Learn more about our schools below.

Our Schools

Student Demographics


Male  Female
52%  48%



American   Indian/Alaskan  Native  Asian   Black   Hispanic   White  Native   Hawaiian/Pacific  Islander  Two or More   Races  
<1% 1% 4% 41% 48% <1% 5%


Lunch Status

 Paid   Free   Reduced-Price 
49% 42% 9%



Living in Residence  Homeless 
94% 6%


Special Education

Enrolled in Special Education Not Enrolled in Special Education 
17% 83%


English Language Learners

English as Second Language English as First Language
9% 91%