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Securing the Best Resources for Our Students

Dear Englewood Schools Community,

Securing partnerships, grants and resources are vital parts to ensuring the success of our schools and students. Our community cares about education and the academic success of our students. That’s one of the many things that makes the Englewood community so wonderful. Englewood Schools experienced this tremendous support last semester when voters passed a bond and mill levy to provide our students with new facilities. And our students see and experience community support every day in the partnerships our schools have forged with various businesses and organizations to bring the best educational opportunities to our students.

In addition to these partnerships, our leadership teams are dedicated to securing outside resources and dollars to supplement and maximize the opportunities and learning experiences available to our students. In the past two years, Englewood Schools secured more than $3.8 million in grants to fund and deepen opportunities like early literacy programming, STEM, the Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy (SAGE) program, our Gifted and Talented program, and physical education, to name a few.

This semester we are celebrating a $385,000 Gill Foundation grant awarded to Englewood Schools to build three elementary school SmartLabs at our schools that don’t yet have SmartLabs. Thanks to this grant, we are officially the second district in the nation to establish SmartLabs in every K-12 school in the district!

Students at Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice (CFHSC), Englewood Middle School and Cherrelyn Elementary have been benefiting from a 5-year 21st Century Community Learning Center grant secured last school year, which has allowed our schools to offer additional STEM activities and project-based learning to help reduce skill gaps and increase student achievement. We shared with you last semester that thanks to a grant and community partnerships, CFHSC has launched SAGE, a project-based sustainable agriculture program that introduces students to a myriad of careers within the agriculture and green energy industries – industries that are growing rapidly in Colorado. Thanks to another grant, in the amount of $74,000, we are able to build a commercial-size greenhouse to support student learning under SAGE. Students will soon be able to explore additional agriculture practices, as well as farm-to-table operations by growing vegetables and micro-greens in the greenhouse and working with local restaurants.

Grants such as these help our district to launch programs and supports we otherwise may not have had the chance to implement on our own with limited state funding.

We are committed to securing the best resources for our classrooms, leveraging partnerships that enhance students’ educational experiences, and offering students the best instructional and academic opportunities available. Our students deserve the best -- and together, with our community, we are delivering on these promises.

Wendy Rubin  

Dr. Wendy Rubin