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Clayton PTO minutes.

PTO Minutes
Present: Lindsey (President), Erica (Secretary), Anita (Volunteer Coordinator), Rebecca (parent), Ray (parent), Vanessa (parent), Lorri (School Admin)
Treasurer’s Report
Balance as of 9/30/16 is $14,057.00
One more check due to Believe Kids for cookie dough fundraiser, approx. $3,000
September bank statement was reviewed
Overall really good!
Still could have used more volunteers
Extra people jumped in to help, thankfully
Maybe next year, each grade is responsible for one game
Ask teachers to ask for parent volunteers from their class
Possibly make it a competition and have a prize for the winning grade/class (gift card prize?)
Have an instruction card for each station
Possibly have the Carnival earlier in the year for warmer weather and better daylight
Silent auction
Possibly every grade creates a basket
Auction a parking spot
Ask the community for donations
Special experience with a teacher/principal
And/or do an auction at the School Dance (usually in February)
Bring back up at the April meeting to start planning for next Fall Carnival
Funding Request
Outdoor tables suggestions from Al
About $775 per table; need 2-3
Fundraising efforts
50% return on sales
Put a picture up to show the kids what they are raising money for
Cookie dough delivery on Monday at 10am
Ray will help from 10-11am
Believe kids will sort by grade and teacher
1:25pm: kids will start coming in
Erica will ask the contact list if 1pm-3pm if anyone is willing to help give cookie dough out and help carry to their classrooms
Fun Run with Apex: 50% kick back
Could we do our own fun run? During specials? Grand prize for each grade level.
All kids participate in the run
Kids are asked to get pledges
PTO would need to get a Paypal/Square to process payments
Need to connect with the new PE teacher
Can we block off the surrounding streets and have the kids run around the school grounds
Lorri let us know they won’t block off Tufts, but there is a double-wide sidewalk there
Possibly plan for next school year
Book Fair
Usborne- last year
50% of money raised, kids got to buy books
50% went to the school to buy books
But it was only Usborne books and parents want Scholastic
Could we do our own?
Scholastic: March 22-23
We need to set up the contest
Buy trophies and/or gift cards
Will need a Sign-Up Genius
Food fundraisers: One per month
Franks- Tuesday in November (Anita)
Chik’ Fil A- Keep our eye on the new Broadway store
Usborne sets up tomorrow, 10/19
Conferences on Thursday and Friday
CostCo sandwiches for Wednesday night
Pizza and salad for Thursday
Skate City
1 injury- wrist fracture
31 kids, pretty empty
Keep a Thursday in February- Anita will check calendars
Need someone to prep it on Fridays, between 8am and 10am
Then sell after school (Anita)
Just on early release days
11/18: Anita can show Vanessa and Erica how to pop the popcorn
No Principal Report- Nikki sick
PTO Minutes 8.23.16.docx

PTO Minutes


Present: Lindsey (President), Erica (Secretary), Anita (Volunteer Coordinator), Rebecca (parent), Ray (parent), Nikki (Principal), Erin (Vice-Principal)

  • Treasurer’s Report

    • Balance as of 8/1/16 was $6,001.47

    • Expenses

      • King Soopers cards: $450

    • Deposits made this month:

      • Last check from Target: $182.54

      • Chipolte fundraiser from last spring $562.45

      • Cash donations from Back to School and Open House: $20

    • Deposits to be made:

      • Skate City: $85

      • Cold Stone Creamery: $130

    • Balance as of 9/20/16 is $6316.46

  • Funding Requests

    • Need a new Teacher Request form

      • Who is requesting?

      • Who is it for? (whole grade vs. 10 students)

      • What

      • How much

      • By when

    • $254.10 for Ameritown field trip bus fee for 5th Grade

      • Approved

  • Carnival

    • Rain plan

      • Make the call on Friday

      • Potentially move to gym, cafeteria, fishbowl

    • Set up at the school at 11am on Friday

      • Lindsey, Anita, Rebecca, Erica

      • Game prep

      • Ticket prep

    • Lindsey will grab the rest of the supplies and text Erica if she needs help

    • Erica will check with Englewood Athletics, ask for food set-up at 4pm

    • PTO table

      • Lindsey will be there the whole time

      • Will sell the rest of the spirit gear, water bottles, pencils

    • Marketing and Volunteer Recruitment

      • Lindsey will do Next Door

      • Erica will do Facebook

    • Sound System for Cake Walk

      • School has a speaker we can use

    • Start cleaning up at 7pm, when the sun sets

    • Nikki and Erin will do an announcement

    • Erica and Anita will make some posters to hang around the school

  • Calendar

    • Book Fair - check with Vanessa and Lorri

    • Conferences- will select food at our next meeting

    • Teacher appreciation - May

    • Holiday store? Mugs, etc. Next meeting

    • Skate City

      • 10/10, 6-8pm

      • 2/6

      • 4/10

    • Popcorn – we bought a new machine

    • Fundraisers

      • Believe- order forms due Friday

        • Maybe consider not doing the keychain tickets next year

        • Cookie dough delivery October 19th

        • Monday 9/26 at 12:30, Lindsey, Anita, Rebecca and maybe Vanessa will meet to count order totals

      • We will pick dates for other opportunities at the next meeting

  • Clayton Gear

    • Mary Lynn is designing the t-shirt designs for kids to vote

    • Water bottles will be delivered Thursday

    • Magnets are now being handled by Student Council

  • Positions

    • VP-Vanessa?

    • Treasurer-Lynn? Haven’t heard from her…

    • Box Tops- Xochitl is working on it

  • Principal Updates

    • Board of Education update

      • Bond/mill for new school buildings

      • Citizens for Englewood Schools

        • Kick off meeting on Wednesday 9/21, 4-6pm

          • Open house, pick up yard signs

    • Farm to Table, Clayton is a primary supplier!

      • Veggies from garden are being used in the local school cafeterias

    • Lt. Governor is visiting Clayton on September 30th!

      • She wants to see a good example of literacy programming

      • She will bring books and read to the K classes

    • Enrollment- up 10 students, 494 total

      • 10/5 is count day

      • Count window starts on 9/28-10/12

      • Enrollment tied to funding

    • Field Day

      • 10/6

        • K and 1: 9-10:30, then eat lunch

        • 2 & 3: 11:15-2, eat first

      • 10/7

        • 4-6: 10:45-1:30, eat first

    • Homecoming Parade on 9/30

      • Clayton kids will watch from the fence

  • Next Meeting (third Tuesday of each month)

Tuesday October 18th, 9-10am
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