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Bobbie Skaggs, Ph.D.
Justin Johnson
Assistant Principal
Jon Hubbard, M.A. Instruction and Learning Technology, M.Ed Education Leadership
Assistant Principal, Englewood Student Support Center
Phone: 303.934.5786
Voice Mail: 303.806.2515
FAX: 303.934.9183
Snow Line: 303-806-6881
Questions about school or student activities?
You are always welcome to contact your student's family teacher. 
Just call 303-806-2515 and dial the extension or shoot them an email.
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pencil 2016-2017 SUPPLY LIST
Supply list for all students
(to be given to family teacher)

·      1 three (3)-inch white view binder

·      1 green ink pen

·      1 red ink pen

·      Box/package of pens (either blue or black ink)

·      Box/package of 24 pencils(#2 lead) 

·      Set of Headphones

·       1 pencil pouch (plastic zip closure)

·      3 highlighters (3 different colors: yellow, green, orange, pink or blue)

·      1 set of binder dividers

   Two-pack glue stick

   1 White-out (bottle, pen or strip)

  Package of Permanent Markers (Sharpies - Medium/Fine/Extra Fine)

  Box/package of Multi-Colored pencils

 1 package of lined notebook paper (200 sheets)

 1 package of white printer paper (500 sheets)

 3 Boxes of tissue

Students are expected to bring their own notebook/folder, pen & pencil to school each day.

Lunch Application
To complete a lunch application for the upcoming school year, please click on the link below:


21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC)

"Finest" has received a "21st Century Community Learning Center" grant. This grant will allow us to extend STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities into a longer school day and summer program, with a primary focus on Audio Production and Energy.
Take a look at our application: CFHSC Grant Application | CFHSC Grant Budget
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General Information

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Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice aspires to live up to our name by providing the finest education, inspiring students seeking a fresh start.


Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice provides diverse educational opportunities for students to earn a quality high school diploma in an accepting and supportive community.



Choose your finest future!


What Students Say

What's Different at "Finest"?
  • Individualism and independence respected by staff and students.
  • Homework not required. Majority of work completed in class.
  • Classes begin every six weeks(Fresh start every six weeks).
  • Point system instead of traditional grades. (What is a point?)
  • Option of morning or afternoon classes.
  • Chromebook for use in every classroom
  • CTE Programs - Cosmetology, Audio Media, STEM, S.A.G.E., College credit Language Arts, Culinary Arts(T.E.C. Campus), Post Secondary programs (A.C.C., U.C.D., Red Rocks, C.C.D.) Automotive Technology, Health Sciences, and Aviation Program
Golden Rules Three Golden Rules:
  • Students must complete 90% of possible points in all classes each six-week session.
  • No anti-social behavior (fighting, intimidation, threatening, verbal abuse, bullying, etc. are all unacceptable)
  • No drug or alcohol use on campus or at school activities (students may not be under the influence or in possession).
Following these three simple rules is the key to success at Colorado's Finest.

Faculty teacher
The heart of our school is our faculty. Our teachers are people who possess both a deep understanding of their content and a strong desire to build positive, supportive relationships with students. Our school believes that the best counselor is a teacher who students know, trust and respect. Teachers at Colorado's Finest have "families" of up to twenty students. Each teacher gets to know his or her students as individuals, and serve as the liaison between home and school for the students' entire career at Finest. All teachers are certified by the state and highly qualified in their fields.
Academic Standardsgrade
In order to earn a diploma from Colorado's Finest High School of Choice, all students must complete twenty-three creditsten proficiencies, and score at minimum 11th grade level in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.
School Hours Bell
Students can start as early as 7:55am or as late as 10:40am and get out as soon as 2:05pm or as late as 3:55pm with a 20-minute lunch and a 20-minute family/homeroom daily.
Colorado's Finest is incorporating clubs plus expanded STEM and Audio Production offerings as a result of receiving a "21st Century Community Learning Centers" grant. All students are required to be enrolled in six courses each session.
Attendance Policy
In order to remain in good standing, our students must maintain 90% attendance in all classes.  If you receive an automated absence call, it reflects an absence recorded in Power School, as the system only initiates calls for recorded absences in one or more classes.  We do not make absence calls home for students arriving tardy to class.  If you believe your student's attendance has been recorded incorrectly, please feel free to call our office or your student's family teacher for details about the absence. To gain access to your student's attendance in Power School, please contact the office or your family teacher for instructions on how to do so.
Want to Learn More?
Give us a call at 303-934-5786 to find out more!
Students interested in attending Colorado's Finest High School of Choice must take a short entrance exam in Language Arts, Mathematics and Writing.
 Sign up for a test date here or call us at 303-934-5786.

(click on link above for returning students to register for 17-18 school year)
Returning students can register with their username/password and new students can register online once testing and orientation process has been completed (

(Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energies)
Introduction to Agriscience [Introduction to Agricultural Science] is an introductory, year-long course that provides students with the fundamental knowledge they need to succeed within the agricultural industry. Students are introduced to all seven of the primary agricultural pathways: Animal Systems, Plant Systems, Food Products & Processing Systems, Natural Resource Systems, Environmental Systems, and Agricultural Business Systems, in addition to the National FFA Organization (formerly known as the Future Farmers of America). By exploring each of the agricultural pathways, every student is given the opportunity to make informed choices about how they would like to specialize their agricultural education. Students can expect to work collaboratively with their classmates in a hands on setting to explore agriculture.
This program is now available for all Englewood students!  If interested please contact :

Digital Audio Production
   The digital audio production program offers students an opportunity to participate in the use of state-of-the-art digital audio workstations where they digitally manipulate sound waveforms for music and/or video production focused on student-honed creativity.  This class is currently offered as a 2-hour block with the future potential of receiving college credit.
 OM Colorado's Finest has a membership with Denver Open Media so YOU can be on the RADIO or TV!                                                                          Ask Alex or Jeannie for more details on how to submit your original work!

S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
   The purpose of the Englewood School District's STEM program is to foster an environment to support student acquisition and practice of the Colorado Department of Education's 21st century skills which are comprised of critical thinking and reasoning; information literacy; collaboration; self-direction and invention.  The program will actively engage students in practicing specific 21st century skills, readiness and competencies for the content areas of Science, Math, Reading, Writing and communication; Social studies; and Visual Arts.

logo CFCA  Colorado's Finest Cosmetology Academy
    This program will prepare students to become certified in esthetics, cosmetology and nail technology.  The facility offers industry-  standard equipment, such as waxing and facial machines so students can familiarize themselves with how the equipment works in a learning setting.  Students in the program learn business management skills as well as all the latest industry techniques so when they graduate they are prepared for all aspects of the industry.  Cosmetology is a stable career with predicted growth.  The public is able to access service provided by the students such as haircuts, nail treatments, waxing, microdermabrasion.  Students interested in learning more or enrolling in the academy can contact Michelle Hickey at 303-806-2524 X1627.       YourHub Article on CFCA 
Colorado's Finest Cosmetology Academy- so very proud! These stylist donated their time and talents to provide haircuts to the homeless!

Big Brother  Big Sister  Program
Trick or Treat Street at Charles Hay World School!
 BBBS students donated candy
Colorado's Finest Students donated candy to Charles Hay for their Trick or Treat Street yearly Halloween Event. Our Big Brother Big Sister Program made the delivery.

C.F.H.S.C. Fine Arts Program
We have an outstanding Fine Arts Program that has won numerous awards including The Capitol Hill People's Fair Mural Project,The Side Walk Art Festival Award, The First Congressional Art Competition Award along with numerous pieces featured in the Englewood Art Calendar Contest. 


Our Art Instructor, Kim Young, continues to create new classes to keep students engaged and improving their skill levels. At C.F.H.S.C, you can become proficient in all genre of art, and students work with a wide variety of mediums including: painting (acrylics,oil and water color), clay sculpture, paper mache' and life drawing. The art department collaborates with social studies and language arts teachers to offer multicultural classes. with a compiled curriculum including some of the following: Portraiture, Contemporary Art, Writing and Illustrating Children's Books, Psychedelic Art, Chessboard Design, Darwin's Studio, Abstract Art and Urban Art. The art department collaborates with social studies and language arts teachers to offer such multi-cultural classes as: the Art of Asia, Day of the Dead, African Art, Art of Central America, Art of Mexico and Haitian Voodoo Art.

 phone term painting

 Every June, a team of C.F.H.S.C. artists compete in a mural painting contest at the Capitol Hill People's Fair: students plan,design and paint the mural at the festival, competing against other Denver-area youth organizations. 
Denver has a vibrant art scene,and our students are exposed to this through field trips to experience the rich cultural offerings of our city. Some student favorites include performances by the Colorado Ballet, local plays and art gallery exhibits.
Summer Program Dia De Los Muertos!
This class provided through a 21st Century Grant, included engagement/involvement with families helping to create art, and learn about cultures along-side their students. 
Day of Dead participants

 S.O.S. Outreach  2015-2016
 SOS 3 SOS 1 SOS 2
 SOS Outreach participants are encouraged to transform themselves and others for the better using six core values of courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and humility. Colorado's Finest has been involved with this outreach program for four years running.
SOS participants are encouraged to transform themselves and others for the better using our six core values of courage, discipline, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and humility. - See more at:

  • New Graduation Requirements are coming: Per state statute, the Englewood Board of Education will be adopting new graduation requirements. Beginning with the graduating class of 2021, students will need to demonstrate proficiency in English and math as well as earn 23 credits in specific academic content areas. The new requirements will go into effect next school year with the 2017-18 ninth-grade students.

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