Device Damage/Loss/Theft


If an iPad, Chromebook, case, charger, or cord are damaged, lost, or stolen, a teacher will put in a technical support request with problem type "tablet." Then the school's support technician will meet with the student to determine if the issue is an obvious accident or wear-and-tear replacement. The technician will record the incident in an Infinite Campus tracking form tied to the student's account. If it was an accident, and the student's family has paid their technology fee (or has it waived through free & reduced lunch qualification), then the cost of repair will be covered by the school district. Only the first accident per school year is covered by the district in this way. Second accidents are usually classified as neglect and thus, not covered by the technology fee.

If there is any suspicion of neglectful or malicious damage/loss/theft, the technician will escalate the incident to school administration for investigation and determination of possible fines and discipline consequences. Fines cannot be waived by free & reduced lunch status. Fines pay for repair/replacement costs and are levied on student families for accidental damage if the student's family did not pay their technology fee, neglectful incidents, and malicious incidents. Administrators will record the incident in an Infinite Campus tracking form tied to the student's account.

If the iPad or Chromebook is in need of repair, a loaner may be issued by the school's building technician and the iPad or Chromebook will be repaired. If the charger and cord are damaged or stop working, turn in the defective parts to your school building technician for wear-and-tear replacement. Do not throw them away or students could be charged a fine for replacements. If a student lost the charger and/or cord, a teacher will report the incident using a support request. The charger and cord will be replaced and a fine will be placed on the student's account.