The Englewood Schools budget is a continuing cycle of planning, updating and reporting. The District's initial budget is adopted in June for the fiscal year July 1 through June 30. Updates are made to the initial budget through the fiscal year. Per Colorado Revised Statue C.R.S. 22-44-110(5), the Board of Education may review and revise the budget with respect to both revenues and expenditures at any time prior to January 31st.

Resource Documents

The following resources provide resources for our community relevant to the budget development process.

Colorado Department of Education School Finance Division

Proposed Budgets

2023-2024 Proposed Budget

2022-2023 Proposed Budget

2021-2022 Proposed Budget

Adopted Budgets

2023-2024 Revised Budget

2023-2024 Adopted Budget

2023-2024 Uniform Adopted Budget Summary

2022-2023 Adopted Budget

2022-2023 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2022-2023 Uniform Adopted Budget Summary

2021-2022 Adopted Budget

2021-2022 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2021-2022 Uniform Adopted Budget Summary

2020-2021 Revised Budget

2020-2021 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2020-2021 Adopted Budget

2020-2021 Uniform Budget Summary

2019-2020 Revised Budget

2019-2020 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2019-2020 Adopted Budget

2019-2020 Uniform Budget Summary

2018-2019 Revised Budget

2018-2019 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2018-2019 Adopted Budget

2018-2019 Uniform Budget Summary

2017-2018 Revised Budget

2017-2018 Uniform Revised Budget Summary

2017-2018 Adopted Budget

2017-2018 Uniform Budget Summary

2016-2017 Adopted Budget 

2016-2017 Uniform Budget Summary 

2015-2016 Adopted Budget 

2015-2016 Uniform Budget Summary

2014-2015 Adopted Budget

2014-2015 Uniform Budget Summary 

2013-2014 Adopted Budget

2013-2014 Uniform Budget Summary 

2012-2013 Adopted Budget

2012-2013 Uniform Budget Summary

2011-2012 Adopted Budget

2011-2012 Uniform Budget Summary

2010-2011 Adopted Budget

2010-2011 Uniform Budget Summary