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Englewood Schools will have 4 seats up for election in November 2021

The seats available include three 4-year terms and one 2-year term.

Those interested in serving their community by becoming a Board of Education member can find resources and information on this page.

Englewood Schools will update this page with candidate information for voters as soon as the candidate nomination procedures are completed (after August 27, 2021.)

Board of Education Candidate Information Session - May 18, 2021

Meeting Recording:

Learn About Being a Board Member & Candidate

What does a Board Member do?

Becoming a candidate

Characteristics of a Board Member:

  • desire to serve children and the community, and a strong belief in the value of the public schools
  • ability to work as a member of a team, including an open mind and ability to engage in give-and-take
  • willingness to spend the time required to become informed and to do the homework needed to take part in effective school board governance
  • respect for the needs and feelings of other people, a well-developed sense of fair play and the ability to listen and communicate well
  • recognition that the school district may be the largest business in town and that the board is responsible for ensuring that business is well managed

Board Candidate Qualifications

To be qualified to run for the Board of Education, a candidate must:

  • Be a registered voter in the school district for at least 12 consecutive months before the election (November 2021)
  • Not have been convicted of committing a sexual offense against a child
  • Because school director elections are nonpartisan, candidates may not campaign as members of a political party.

How to Become a Candidate

  1. File a written notice of intention to be a candidate with Michelle Haider at the Englewood Schools administration building at 4101 S. Bannock St.
  2. Complete a nomination petition signed by at least 50 eligible voters in the school district. Nomination petitions can be picked up at 4101 S. Bannock St. beginning Wednesday, August 4, 2021. They must be completed and returned no later than 2:00 p.m. on August 27, 2021.
  3. School board candidates must meet filing requirements under Colorado’s Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA). One of the first steps is to file a candidate’s affidavit with the Secretary of State within 10 days of becoming a candidate. Also, candidates are required to report contributions and expenditures on the Secretary of State’s online TRACER program. For more information about FCPA’s reporting requirements and timelines for filing these reports, please visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s website at

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