Sustainable Agriculture & Green Energy

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Sustainable Agriculture & Green Energy (SAGE) Pathway

Is the SAGE Pathway Right for Me?

Offered at Colorado’s Finest High School of Choice, the Sustainable Agriculture & Green Energy (SAGE) pathway attracts students from across the Denver metro area. SAGE is a truly unique program that provides hands-on, project-based learning to introduce students to the exciting and ever-growing worlds of sustainable urban agriculture and green energy.

A combination of science, math, business, art, engineering, and design, SAGE is a strong fit for students interested in exploring careers in agriculture, architecture, business, renewable energy, engineering, construction, and veterinary medicine. SAGE is also an excellent opportunity for students who are simply interested in learning about hydroponics and aquaponics, and the ever-popular farm-to-table operations such as raising backyard chickens, composting, community gardening, and bee-keeping. SAGE students gain knowledge and skill sets that can be used for the rest of their professional and/or personal lives.

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WATCH: Hands-On Urban Agriculture & Green Energy Program Teaching Students Life-Long Skills


  • The median annual income for agriculture and engineering occupations was $80,180 in 2018.
  • Solar installers and wind turbine technicians were the fastest growing occupations in 2018.*

Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics


  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Biology
  • Botany
  • Business

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Dr. Diana Zakhem, Director of Secondary Success


The Englewood Schools STEAM pathways provide students with rigorous coursework and build technical skills through hands-on applied learning in a career interest area. Participation in a sequence of courses within a pathway prepares students for college and careers.

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SAGE students will participate in field experiences, including the designing, budgeting and construction of projects of their choice. Students are leaders in their learning, owning their projects from start to finish and developing every aspect of their project, including business models, budgets, design, material selection, and construction. Students strengthen their problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills. The Englewood Schools SAGE pathway has strong community and business partners that provide students with expert advice and direction, and donated materials and supplies.

  • Create and execute a business model
  • Develop and manage a budget
  • Build and maintain business partnerships
  • Design and construct structures
  • Compost Garden
  • Explore your passions and creativity!