Concurrent Enrollment

Englewood students can earn college credit while in high school!!! ESD has a robust Concurrent and Dual Enrollment program that allows high school students to enroll and earn college credits while still in high school. Concurrent and Dual Enrollment benefits students by lowering the cost of college, increasing the flexibility of academic options, increasing the ease of access to college coursework, and preparing students for a seamless transfer into college.

Students have two options to access concurrent or dual enrollment classes:

  • Students may enroll in college-level classes offered on our high school campuses, taught by Englewood Schools teachers, during the regular school day.
  • Students may enroll in college-level classes offered on a college campus.

Students in grades 9-12, who have met the necessary course requirements, may take Concurrent Enrollment courses with tuition paid by Englewood Schools.

The program is made possible thanks to a partnership between Englewood Schools and the following postsecondary institutions:

Learn more about specific Concurrent and Dual Enrollment opportunities and the application process by having your student speak with their high school counselor.