Advanced Placement

High school students have the opportunity to experience college-level work through Advanced Placement (AP) courses. AP courses teach the information, skills, and assignments found in the corresponding college course. These rigorous courses have demanding workloads and require high levels of student commitment and effort.

Englewood students are highly encouraged to take the AP Exam associated with their AP class. By earning an acceptable score on the exam, a student has the potential to earn college credit. Most four-year colleges offer college credit for acceptable AP exam scores. However, each college and university has its own advanced placement policy. Englewood AP course listings and information on exam fees can be found in the high school course catalogs.

Students also have the ability to access advanced coursework by enrolling in Honors courses. These courses are offered to students who have demonstrated advanced knowledge in certain subject areas. While students do not earn college credit, Honors classes prepare students for the challenges of AP, Concurrent Enrollment and college-level classes. Information on Honors course offerings can be found in the high school course catalogs.