Industry Certifications

Englewood Schools offers Industry Certifications in a variety of pathways and courses.  An industry certification is a credential recognized by business and industry at the local, state, and/or national level.  Industry certificates measure competency in an occupation, and they validate the knowledge base and skills that show mastery in a particular industry. Earning an industry certification demonstrates readiness for employment and/or further postsecondary education. 

Industry Certifications are earned by individual students and are offered through third-party entities. They can be delivered through written examination, an assessment of skills, or through a licensure process.  Certifications may require time outside of class and many have fees which are the responsibility of the student/family. 

All industry certifications listed below will allow students to meet both the Reading, Writing and Communicating and Mathematics proficiencies for graduation. 

THESE industry certifications are available to Englewood students through Career and Technical Education programs. CTE teachers can provide additional information on the requirements for a student to earn an industry certification.

Englewood is offering students the ability to earn online industry certifications starting in the fall of 2022.  These courses and exams would normally cost between $450 and $1000 per class. Englewood Schools is currently offering these at NO COST to a limited number of students for a limited time. 

The Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Workforce Development Council have provided a list of high-demand industry certifications.  HERE is the list of the Top 10 Industry Credentials in Colorado, many of which are available through Englewood programs. Click HERE to view a complete list of state recognized industry credentials. 

For more information on industry certifications, please contact your high school counselor or Diana Zakhem at