Apprenticeship Programs

Englewood Schools has partnered with CareerWise Colorado to offer modern youth apprenticeships to our students. Students can participate in multi-year immersive experiences that allow them to work for a company while attending school and earning credit.

Apprentices can earn:

  • Meaningful work experience (unlike a short internship, apprentices are being prepared to step into full-time roles
  • A professional industry certification (signaling to employers they’re ready to work)
  • Approximately a semester’s worth of debt-free college credit (many employers commit to up to $4,000 in career-related coursework in the final year—be sure to check job descriptions for details)
  • A professional network (apprentices work with a direct supervisor and their teams, are assigned a coach/mentor at the company and many have regular direct interaction with CEOs and other executives)
  • A good paycheck (apprentices can earn about $40,000 over the course of the program)


For more information, please contact your high school counselor or reach to CareerWise Colorado