Strategic Plan

Dear Englewood Community Member:

In 2016, we enlisted our entire community―students, parents, educators, school leaders, staff, and neighbors―to answer these questions: where is Englewood Schools headed, and what should our priorities be? These questions led to more questions, like how can our students continue to benefit from Englewood’s distinctive and proud history and its current sense of renewal and revitalization? And how can Englewood Schools take advantage of our passionate and supportive community that believes our children deserve the best?

From these important and productive conversations, the Englewood Schools strategic plan was born.

Our strategic plan sets overall goals for our school district and puts forth a plan to achieve them. It positions our schools as places where all students belong and thrive, and focuses the entire community on offering extraordinary opportunities to Englewood Schools students that prepare them for the future—no matter which pathway they choose.

More than just a plan, our strategy serves as a blueprint for all we do. It is inspired by our fundamental belief that schools have the power to be the great equalizer; they exist to lift everyone up. It affirms what makes us unique―we are a small town school district offering opportunities for students that rival our big city neighbors.

Our strategic plan shapes everything we do, from the way we make decisions and prioritize to how we instruct and inspire students toward learning. It directs us to, among other things, harness the tremendous energy of our community to support students, capitalize on the distinct personality of each of our schools, showcase and celebrate student learning every day, and care for our teachers so they can care for our children.

We believe that our strategic plan captures a spirit and vibe that is uniquely Englewood. It blends what our community values with proven practices in education that are essential to our ability, together, to empower Englewood students to thrive.

Thanks to Englewood voters, we will be building four new elementary schools and a new preschool building over the coming months. The outside of the buildings will be brand new, but our focus inside remains true to our strategic plan.