Technology Department & Contacts


Our vision is to provide a personalized, engaging, and modern learning environment in which technology invigorates, expands, and enables effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment to prepare students for their futures and connect Englewood to the greater world community.


The Technology Department's mission is to provide, support, and coordinate the best possible technology for productivity, learning, and school improvement.


The Technology Department is responsible for planning and implementing technology programs such as our K-12 one-to-one iPads program. It also plans, orders, and maintains all computers, printers/copiers, information systems, and technical infrastructure. It's responsible for improving instructional technology pedagogy in coordination with the Department of Learning Services. 

The Technology Department is dedicated to providing fully integrated systems for all stakeholders in Englewood Schools. Our staff provides the district with top-notch support, hardware, software, and networks, using an array of business and instructional technologies.