Cherrelyn Elementary

A STEM School

Cherrelyn Cheetahs   
“Information and meaningful involvement empower our parents to be true partners.”
Parents and Communication
We value our families by making sure we communicate regularly and often.
         ★    Open door policy
         ★    Weekly classroom newsletters
         ★    Friday folders
         ★    School-wide and classroom learning celebrations
         ★    Voice mail
         ★    Email access to staff
         ★    Monthly school newsletters (Check our calendar page for an update on Activities)
         ★    An active and up-to-date website
         ★    Parent/Teacher conferences
Parents as Decision-Makers and Volunteers
We involve parents in all that we do.
   ★    PTSO - Parent Teacher Student Organization - Fund-raising and social activities
   ★    SAC - School Advisory Council - Makes decisions and sets goals for the school.
We reach out to parent and community volunteers.
   ★    Parents and volunteers bring special skills, crafts and knowledge to the classroom.
   ★    Parents and volunteers work one-on-one and in small groups tutoring students.
   ★    Parents attend field trips, assemblies, class activities and more.
   ★    Grandparents, high school students, middle school students, business partners,  
           other family members and neighbors reach out to our school to promote learning.
Parent Institute  
Harness the power of parent involvement for school success!
Peer-reviewed, published educational research proves that parent involvement has powerful, positive impact on school success no matter what the student's age - from preschool through high school. 
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