Bishop Elementary

Competent, Confident, Caring Kids

Bishop's Commitments

At Bishop Elementary, we strive to create a positive culture of learning for all. This includes our students, staff, parents, and community members.
Culture of…
Lifelong learners
Environment that is safe and inviting
Active learning by asking questions and taking risks
Resiliency through problem solving
Need to own learning
I Collaborating
N Critical thinking
G Communicating

Commitment to Curriculum
Our teachers plan and instruct to meet the differentiated needs of all learners based on our Colorado Academic Standards which are based on the Common Core State Standards. Below are examples of programming and evidence based curriculum we use to meet your student’s academic and social/emotional needs.
  • Bridges (K-5) and Eureka (6th) Math
  • Wonders (K-6) Reading
  • Writing Framework based on Every Child a Writer and Schoolwide
  • Structured Literacy
  • 2nd Step Social Emotional (K-6)
  • Art, Music, PE/Wellness, Library, and Technology
  • Highly trained support specialists to create personalized learning

Commitment to Character
Bishop Bears will learn and are expected to:
Empathetic-put yourself in someone else’s shoes
Accountable-self-directed ownership
Respectful-integrity through relationship building
Safe-safe to be who you are in our diverse community

Commitment to Community
Bishop is a small, diverse, and inclusive neighborhood community school. Through strong community partnerships and extra curricular activities, Bishop is a pillar of the community.
 Extra Curricular Activities:Community Partnerships:
 Strings Attached ViolinScholastic-Book Trust
 Bucket DrummingJourney and Sacred Grace Church
 SoccerTamarac Optimist Club
 ChoirSpring Institute-Adult English Classes
 Girls on the runRotary Club of Englewood
 Community Volunteers
 Englewood Library
 Community Garden