Clayton Elementary

School of Art and Technology


Clayton is the largest of Englewood's four elementary schools and serves approximately 500 students in grades Kindergarten through 6th grade. Clayton is a school of choice, meaning families from out of district or the traditional enrollment boundaries have the option to register. Clayton maintains the title of a school of Arts and Technology. While this title is somewhat antiquated, it means that we believe in critical thinking, integration of learning, and addressing the needs of the whole child. At Clayton we believe in our words and actions being Inclusive, Collaborative, and Significant.

What Makes us Unique 
  • Free full-day kindergarten for all families 
  • One-on-one iPad distribution for all students kindergarten through 6th grade, with a library of over 3,000 electronic books
  • Focus on social/emotional development and problem solving skills
  • Full year Art, Music, and Physical education for all students
  • Staff meet regularly to discuss integration of learning
  • Arts Alive Week where our building transforms into an art gallery of student work and outside artistic performances are brought in to display an appreciation and love of the arts
  • Awarded the Early Literacy Grant this year from the State of Colorado which will bring over a half of a million dollars into Clayton over the next three years to specifically address literacy instruction. We are working to improve our instructional practices and our systems of support for all students. 
  • Before and after school care through Champions