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The History of Charles H. Hay
By: David C. Hay (Grandson of Charles Hay) 

He was born in Illinois in 1882.  My brother and I  believe he got his college education in that state, but we have no evidence of that.  He would have been about 20 years old when he answered a classified ad looking for “School Superintendent” in Akron, Colorado.  He arrived on horseback to a general store on the prairie that he believed to be near that town.  As my father tells the story, he first enquired as to whether this was in fact  Akron, and, upon finding that it was, asked about the ad for school superintendent. 

“Yep. This is the place.” “May I ask where the school is?” “Out back.”

 He pointed to a large covered wagon.  That was the school.  Apparently it moved from farm to farm collecting students.

 According to his son (my father), Charles C. Hay, that’s how he began his career. 

                       (Graduation- Unknown School)                       
 cu grad
 (Charles Hay with his mother and father, at graduation from The University of Colorado (I believe in 1932)
 (Charles' 80th birthday in 1962)