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Charles Hay World School PTSA
Our Mission
The purpose of the PTSA is to enhance and support the educational experience at Charles Hay World School, to help develop a wide community that celebrates learning and to create an atmosphere that welcomes family involvement. We aim to build a closer connection between school, home, and our community at large for all CHWS families. We work toward building and enhancing these connections by encouraging parent involvement, and strive to always improve the environment at Charles Hay World School through volunteering and financial support. 

Next PTSA Meeting-Tuesday, May 16th
Location- Room 1

PTSA Agenda

May 16, 2017 7:00pm

7:00 Call meeting to order

7:00-7:10 Student Rep Report

7:10-7:20 Treasurer’s Report

  • Proposed 2017-2018 budget

7:20-8:00 President’s Report

  • Welcome new principal, Ryan Cowell, and call for new members

  • Explanation of membership/voting rights/roster

  • Submission of proposed Bylaws - vote at first meeting of 2017/2018 year

  • Nominations Committee

  • Officer Elections

Vice President
  • New Committees/Chairs to be formed & call to action

Nominating Committee (3 members minimum required, to be elected at first meeting of 2017/2018 year)
Communications Chair
Financial Review Committee
Membership Committee
Fundraising Committee
Wellness/Garden Committee (existing)
Events Committee (need to start on Watermelon Welcome)

8:00-8:10 Events

  • Fun Run - 5/19/17

  • Watermelon Welcome - TBD (the week before school starts)

8:10-8:15 New Business

 PTSA Officer Descriptions 2017 

·       preside at all meetings of this PTSA and board of directors

·      serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee and the financial review/audit committee

·      coordinate the work of the officers and committees

·      appoint standing and special committee chairs with the approval of the board of directors (with the exception of the nominating and financial review/audit committees chairmen)

·      appoint special committees, as needed, with the approval of board of directors

·      appoint the PTSA liaison to the school’s accountability committee, with the approval of board of directors

·      sign all contracts

·      perform other duties as directed by the board of directors 

President-elect or Vice president:

·       serve as aide to the president

·       perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or inability to serve

·      perform other duties as directed by the president or the board of directors 


·      record the minutes of all meetings of the CHWS-PTSA board of directors

·      be prepared to read the records of any previous meetings

·      file and maintain all records in accordance with document retention requirements

·      have a current approved copy of the bylaws

·      maintain a current membership list

·      perform other duties as directed by the president or the board of directors 


·      have custody of the funds of this PTSA

·      maintain a full account of the funds of this PTSA

·      make disbursements as authorized by the president, the board of directors or the membership in accordance with the budget adopted by this PTSA 

·      be one of the signatories on all PTSA accounts. Signers of PTSA accounts cannot
have disbursement authority over school/school district funds, nor shall two signatories reside in the same household or be related 

·      cause to be kept a full and accurate account of the receipts and disbursements in the books belonging to the CHWS-PTSA

·      provide a financial report to the board of directors and the membership at each meeting

·      provide an annual report of the financial condition of the association to the membership at the meeting following the financial review/audit

·      submit the books annually for a financial review/audit by an auditor or a financial review committee selected by the board of directors. A check signatory may not be the auditor or a member of the committee. The financial review must be completed within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal year.  A report of the completed review will be presented to the board of directors for adoption at the first general board meeting following the completion of the review, and a copy will be submitted to the Colorado PTA

·      perform other duties as directed by the president or the board of directors 

*All officers are part of the board of directors

Charles Hay World School Parent PTSA Survey

The Charles Hay World School PTSA organization is seeking parent feedback about the effectiveness of the group meeting the needs of the parents and the students. 

Your responses will be kept completely confidential.  The 10 question survey is user –friendly and you should be able to complete it in just a few minutes.  We are hoping all surveys will be completed by 2/15/2017.

We appreciate your willingness to participate and value your feedback.  Our hope is to improve our processes, communication and support of our school. 

 La organización PTSA que representa a Charles Hay World School está en busca de crítica constructiva sobre la efectividad y cumplimiento a las necesidades de los padres y estudiantes.

Abajo está el enlace donde se encuentra la encuesta. Sus respuestas se mantendrán completamente confidenciales. En la encuesta encontrará 10 preguntas fáciles y accesibles, las cuales usted podrá responder en cuestión de minutos. Esperamos completar y reunir todas las encuestas antes de la siguiente fecha 02/15/2017

Apreciamos la disponibilidad y participación de cada persona y valoramos mucho su crítica constructiva. Nuestra meta es mejorar los procesos, la comunicación y apoyo para nuestra escuela. 

Kerri Stewart | | 406.579.9043

PTSA Fundraisers
king soopers
Purchase a Pre-Loaded King Soopers or Safeway Grocery Card in the Main office. Each card costs $10 and has $10 pre-loaded. Spend as a gift card, reload as you go and continue to use it when you purchase your groceries. Charles Hay receives 5% of all purchases made on these cards (except services). Cards with a balance never expire.

Box Top Fundraiser
 Box Tops
 Bring in your box tops and help raise funds for Charles Hay!!



Find Box Tops on hundreds of products >


Clip Box Topsfrom each package.


Send the Box Tops to school in a baggie or on a collection sheet >


Box Tops are each worth 10¢for your school.


Your school’s Box Tops Coordinator will collect all the Box Tops and send them in so your school can get cash. Checks are mailed to schools twice a year in December and April.