Englewood High School

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In accordance with School Board and District policy and following guidelines established and enforced by CHSAA, Englewood High School has a "No F" academic eligibility system for its student-athletes. Athletes are ineligible to participate in competition FOR ONE FULL WEEK if they have an F in any class when the weekly eligibility reports are run. However, they may still practice with their team during this time.
Two eligibility reports are run every week, one on Friday and one two days later on the following Monday. The Friday report serves as a "heads up" for athletes. Athletes then have until Monday at 4:00 PM to take care of any Fs. If a single F remains as of 4:00 PM on Monday, the athlete is ineligible to participate in competition for ONE FULL WEEK (the following Monday). It's important to note that no matter what a student-athlete does to raise his/her grade(s) during the week he/she is ineligible has no bearing on that week of ineligibility and can only help him/her for the next week.
Please refer to the "2015-2016 CHSAA Constitution and Bylaws" (Article 17, page 47) for more information on eligibility.