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Englewood Schools

As previously communicated, we are planning to welcome students back to in-person learning on January 11. This plan is contingent on continued decrease and/or stabilization of the spread of COVID-19 in our community. We know how important in-person learning is for the students who have chosen this option for spring semester and we want all in-person students to have as much access to in-person learning as possible. In order to do so, it’s very important that students and staff members continue to follow these safety procedures:

  • Do not send your child to school sick or if someone they have had close contact with is sick. This includes having any of the symptoms of COVID-19. When sick children or staff members come to school, their classmates and teachers will need to quarantine and switch to remote learning. Please check for symptoms daily and fill out our online symptom screener, rSchool Today, before school. If any symptoms are present, do NOT send your child to school and inform your school’s health assistant.
  • All students and staff members must wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Our students and staff members did a great job meeting this expectation in the fall and we know that we can count on them to continue this practice for the spring semester.

New Metrics

In the interest of keeping students and staff members safe and in school as much as possible, our Return Planning Committee reconvened this winter to discuss new metrics for our schools. In exploring new metrics, the Return Planning Committee, made up of district and school administrators, teachers and parents, wanted them to be representative of how COVID is affecting our Englewood community directly, and wanted them to be at a school level instead of a district level. Therefore, our new metrics will focus directly on the number of positive cases and quarantines we have in each school. Each school will remain operational until the number of cases and quarantines creates an unsafe or unmanageable learning environment. A district closure would only come if there is a stay at home order. In addition to the new metrics, we will continue to post community data specific to Arapahoe County, however we will not be using point totals with regard to this data since we are moving to school specific case information as our guide. We have decided to continue to post this data as many of our staff and community members have indicated that they have found it informative. 

Schedule for Returning from Winter Break

A reminder that this will be the schedule for returning to school in January:

  • Monday, January 4: No school, teacher work day.
  • Tuesday, January 5: No school, staff development day.
  • Thursday, January 7: Online learning day for ALL STUDENTS.
  • Friday, January 8: Online learning day for all students.
  • Monday, January 11: Return to in-person learning for in-person students.

Our great hope is that we can continue our in-person learning experiences this spring with the least amount of disruptions. We know that it will take everyone working together and honoring on-going prevention measures, particularly hand-washing, mask-wearing and staying home with any symptoms of illness, for our hope to become a reality. Thank you in advance for your continued partnership and support in returning our students to in-person learning as quickly and safely as possible. We are excited to see all of our Englewood students, in-person and online, in 2021!