student wearing headphones
Julie McMorris

Englewood Schools would like to plan and be responsive to parent and student preferences for next school year. While we are all hopeful that a high percentage of the population will be vaccinated this summer and life can return to a more “normal” cadence, we know that some students have found online learning to be comfortable and beneficial. We would like to gauge interest in continuing to offer this option to those who would like to choose to continue learning online while we navigate through what we hope will be the end stages of the pandemic next year.

Englewood Schools is considering offering an online school for students in grades 7-12 in the 2021-2022 school year. This school would function similarly to our current eLearning program for middle and high school students. We believe that the academic and developmental benefits of in-person learning for students in preschool and elementary school are immense. For that reason, at this time we do not plan to offer an online learning option for these grades. However, we would like to hear from our community about their preferences.

Please complete the survey linked here so that we can begin our plans for online and in-person options for next school year.