Roscoe Davidson Administration Building
Julie McMorris

The Roscoe Davidson Administration Building as well as the Duell Service Center will be closed from November 2021 - November 2022 for renovations. During the renovation, the building will be closed to the public. Please use our website to communicate with any staff members you will need to contact during the renovation. The renovation timeline has been extended due to supply chain issues.

Also during this time, the buses will be parked in the east parking lot at the Englewood Campus by the stadium. We ask that EHS, EMS and ELA parents drop students off at the front of their buildings while the buses are parked in the back to help with the flow of traffic.

The renovation of the buildings, built in 1960 and 1966, are being funded by bond premium dollars from the bond passed to rebuild the elementary school buildings as well as the sale of the Baker St. property.