Charting Futures: 6th Grade Students Explore CTE and Science Pathways
Paul Whitaker

On Thursday, November 16th, every 6th grade student in Englewood Schools became an active participant in our very first Pathway Day! On this special day, students from Bishop, Charles Hay, Cherrelyn, Clayton, and Englewood Leadership Academy took a trip to the Englewood High School Fieldhouse to explore first-hand a variety of Career/Technical Education (CTE) and science related pathways available to all students, including Engineering and Computer Science, Journalism and Broadcasting, Culinary Arts, Biomedical Sciences, and Sustainable Agriculture and Green Energy. It was an action-packed and highly engaging morning and afternoon! 

The experiences were carefully designed by educators and led by an amazing group of high school students currently enrolled in each pathway. Our 6th grade students engaged in hands-on learning in captivating ways, including: 

  • Testing computer code to program and navigate a robot across a mapped course

  • Using digital cameras and creating their very own live broadcast 

  • Discovering the artistry of culinary science and sampling delicious flavors

  • Learning about DNA and extracting it from strawberries

  • Learning about sustainable agriculture in Colorado and meeting Bun Bun the therapy bunny

This day was just another innovative example of how we are preparing our students for bright futures and building our new tradition of excellence in our district. It was a culmination of a year's worth of collaboration between elementary, middle, and high school teachers and leaders as we work toward a vision of PK-12 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) and CTE alignment. Shout-out to the teachers, students, and staff that made this day a reality, and we can’t wait to do it again for next year’s 6th grade students!

We know this day was amazing, but don’t take it from us… check out the quotes below from some of our 6th grade students:

“I had a fun time at Pathway Day and loved to learn about new things and would even love to learn more about Biomedical Sciences. Thank you to the teachers and students that helped in the Pathway Day opportunity to make this happen for our school and other schools.” -Isabella

“I wanted to learn how to cook more things, so I can't wait until I'm able to do culinary in high school. Culinary is the art of cooking. You're able to get college credit when you're in high school if you're in culinary classes!” -Destiny

“At the Biomedical Sciences station I learned that DNA is in food, not just humans and animals. I also learned that if you choose to take the Biomedical Sciences Pathway you can become a scientist or someone in the medical field such as a doctor or anything else in that field. For these reasons I really enjoyed this station on Pathway Day.” - Charlie

“I had a good time at Pathway Day. My class had the chance to learn about different careers. I learned about still cameras and video cameras. I enjoyed taking videos and learning how to take pictures. I liked broadcasting and I got to control the camera.” - Elias

“My favorite station was Engineering because I liked measuring in centimeters and finding how far the robot needed to travel to get to the finish line. I also enjoyed Engineering because we got to test the robots and if there was a problem we got to improve until we thought it was ready. I really enjoyed going to the high school and learning what careers I can work in the future. I loved this experience. Thank you so much! All of the stations were amazing. I hope you can do this with future 6th graders so they also get an opportunity to look towards their future.” - Camila