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Child Find/Preschool Screenings

Please call 303-806-2522 to schedule a Child Find / Preschool screening appointment

Beth Davis, Child Find Coordinator Englewood Schools 

Phone: 303-806-2535

Fax: 303-806-2535


The ECE Child Find Screening is the first step in our enrollment process. All children and families participate in a screening prior to enrollment in the ECE Program. The screening consists of a vision and hearing screening, a review of immunization and health history, a developmental play-based screening, and a parent interview. The information gathered during the screening is used to determine eligibility for funded (free) preschool and to discuss potential needs or services that might support student and family success. Child Find screenings take place on a monthly basis.

The Child Find/Preschool Appointment Include:

- A play observation session with a multidisciplinary team to check developmental skills

- A parent interview for sharing of information between families and the ECE program

- A hearing and vision screening, and a review of health records

What do I need to bring to Child Find/Preschool screenings?

To apply for preschool you MUST provide the following documentations and information for screening appointments:

- Birth Certificate - Immunization Records - Names and phone numbers of emergency contacts - Proof of Residence (Utility Bill or Copy of Lease) - Income Verification (Tax document) OR pay stubs for the last 3 months OR a signed income verification letter from your employer if you want to be considered for Free Preschool

For more information and schedule an appointment please contact Ms. Ana the Pre-School Office at 303.806-2522.

Child Find/Preschool Round Up Screening Dates School Year 2019 - 2020


Friday, 9th
Monday, 12th
Tuesday, 13th
Thursday, 15th


Friday , 13th


Friday, 18th


Friday, 8th


Friday, 13th


Friday, 10th


Friday, 14th


Friday, 13th


Friday, 10th
Friday, 17th
Friday, 24th


Friday, May 1st
Friday, May 8th
Friday, May 15th
Monday, May 18th


Dates TBD


Dates TBD

Part C Screenings - Birth to Three

Beth Davis - Child Find Coordinator

Please Call 303-806-2411 to schedule a Part C Evaluation in Englewood School District

Fax: 303-8062535

Infants and toddlers, birth to three are screened on an individual basis when there is a concern about development. Comprehensive screening and multidisciplinary assessment is provided in collaboration with Developmental Pathways to determine eligibility for early intervention services. An Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) is developed for those children.

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What is Early Intervention (Part C of IDEA)?

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A Child's Milestones

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