Englewood Schools

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READ Act Guidance
Updated February 2017

READ Plans will be created for all K‐3 students who have a Significant Reading Deficiency as determined by the DIBELS Next (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) or CELS (Colorado Early Literacy Scale) cut scores. Every K-3 student will be assessed three times a year according to the District Assessment Grid. If at any time throughout the year the student scores below the cut score, the teacher is responsible for collaboratively creating a READ Plan, in Enrich, with the parents’ input. The teacher will make three documented attempts to contact the parent to attend the READ Plan meeting. The READ plan will be discussed at the fall and spring conference. The student will be progressed monitored minimally every two weeks, and data will be documented. Teachers will use targeted interventions to support students that have a Significant Reading Deficiency (SRD). Students will not be grade retained solely based on the SRD. Before a student can exit a READ plan, a student must demonstrate grade level proficiency throughout the following semester assessment cycle. The READ Plan remains active in grades 4‐12 and should be updated annually in Enrich.