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Important Information for Everyone
  • Community Meeting for Feedback on Elementary Plans: On Tuesday, June 28, experts will present proposals to remodel or rebuild our elementary schools and preschool building. Read more...
  • PowerSchool Rollover: The rollover is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6. Read more...

Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • PowerTeacher Pro: Starting with the 16/17 school year, PowerTeacher Pro will be the standard grade book throughout the district. Read more....
  • Professional Development Outline for 2016-2017: See the learning opportunities for next school year. Read more....

Important Information for Everyone

Community Meeting for Feedback on Elementary School Plans

The Englewood Schools Board of Education will be hearing a variety of options to move forward with replacing or renovating all four of the district’s elementary school buildings as well as its preschool facility at a public meeting on June 28, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. at 700 W. Mansfield Ave.

At the meeting, CBRE, a project management firm, and HCM architects will present options based on extensive research and priorities outlined by the district’s Facilities Long-Range Planning Committee—a community group that made formal recommendations to the Board of Education in May.

Among the recommendations were that the Board seek a bond issue in November to renovate or replace the District’s aging buildings, and that experts should be brought in to assess the cost and best possible scenarios for the district based on identified priorities.

The plans that will be presented at the meeting are the result of the expert partner’s research and best thinking regarding a plan that will address the District’s outlined needs and priorities. The community will be invited to give feedback about the plans.

PowerSchool Rollover

The PowerSchool rollover is scheduled for Wednesday, July 6. PowerSchool/Teacher will be unavailable that day. Once the rollover is complete, students will be in their 16/17 grade/school.
PowerTeacher Pro improves tremendously on the previous PowerTeacher Gradebook, combining an intuitive user interface with robust functionality for standards-based and traditional grading, and includes new features for managing the classroom. It offers the same user experience and full functionality from any computer or tablet, including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks. A teacher at your school that has the instructional technology coaching duty will be offering training at the beginning of the school year.

  • Improved workflow to view and enter data more efficiently
  • Easy-to-use graphs and charts to aid teacher analysis and professional judgment
  • 360-degree view of student performance
  • Use on any device including tablets and Chromebooks

Check out the PowerTeacher Pro page to help you get ready for this exciting new feature of PowerSchool!  
Staff: The Professional Development Outline for the 2016-17 school year is used to organize and personalize professional learning system-wide. You will notice that there are many learning opportunities. Some trainings will be district-wide, and some will be offered at each site. Leadership teams, staff needs, professional goals, and alignment to Unified Improvement Plans and the Englewood School Strategic Plan will determine the specific focus. Professional learning opportunities will be monitored and evaluated by leadership teams. All staff will have the opportunity to provide feedback after each professional learning session. This feedback will be used to monitor continuous improvement. This is a working document, and may change as needs of staff/system change.