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Englewood Schools Opt Out Process for Assessments 2016-17

The Law

Colorado state law requires every student enrolled in a public school is required to take the  assessments in the grade level in which the student is enrolled C.R.S. 22-7-409 (1.2)(d)(I),  except those students taking the grade level assessment available in the alternative test. The link to the Colorado Department of Education’s web page is linked here. The Englewood Board of Education has adopted a policy for parents/guardians to exempt students from participating in one or more state assessments. The BOE policy is linked here. For a list and brief description of the state and local assessments the District will be administering during the school year, please click here.

The Process

If the parent(s)/guardians of a student choose to opt their student out of state and/or district assessments, we need:

  1. Written confirmation with a parent signature and date
  2. Name of each assessment of which they are opting their student out.

Please note that this exemption will be valid for one school year. A new request will need to made in subsequent school years.

School Assessment Contacts or Administrators

Please take the following steps after you have received the opt out letter.

  1. Print a copy if it is an email.
  2. The SAC should keep a folder with all opt out letters at the building.
  3. Please forward a copy of the opt out letter to Joanna Polzin at RDAB.  We will ensure the information goes into PowerSchool.
Updated 11-18-16 by Joanna Polzin, Director of Assessments and Analytics