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Important Information for Everyone
  • Flu Shots: Protect yourself from the flu for free. Read more...
  • Emergency Contact Info: Add or update your emergency contact information. Read more...
  • Board of Education Candidate Forum: On October 10, 2015, the League of Women voters will hold a forum for the Englewood Schools BoE candidates. Read more...

Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Google Apps on iPads: Professional Development Series.
  • Ergonomic Backpacks: Did you know that 55% of students carry a backpack that is too heavy? Read more...
  • Prudential Spirit of Community Awards: Nominate students in grades 5-12 who make meaningful contributions to their community. Read more...

  • Cooking Supplies Donations: The Bishop Significant Needs Support classroom is doing a weekly cooking group and could use some donations. Read more...
  • Colorado Proud Day: On September 30, 2015, Englewood Schools will celebrate Colorado Proud School Meals Day by featuring a breakfast & lunch menu made up of Colorado food items!  Read more...

Important Information for Everyone
Are you a Kaiser Permanente member? Flu shots will be available on a walk-in basis at all Kaiser locations from October 1 through November 13. The walk–in hours are 8AM - 6PM, Monday through Friday. No appointment is necessary. No cost to Kaiser members and covered dependents. Just bring your Kaiser member card and a photo ID.
Adding or updating emergency contact information in iVisions
It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s necessary!

Employees have the ability to change their emergency contact information following these instructions:

1.) Log into your iVision account by going to the District home page>>For Staff>>Technology and District Online Resources>>iVision Log in with the information sent to you by a previous email.
2.) Move the cursor over the drop down menu for Employee Resources
3.) Highlight Profile to open the menu.
4.) Click on Emergency Contacts.
5.) Look at the information and see if it is correct. If it is, no action required.
6.) Click on the magnifying glass icon if the contact information needs an edit.
The form will appear that allows changes.
a.) Once the new information is changed, click on Update Contact.
7.)To add a new contact, at step 6.) click on Add a New Contact.
a.) On the form add the information for the new contact and click on Add Contact.

Please take a few minutes to do this important update. In case of an emergency, this is where we will go to find your emergency contact information. If this is blank or we have the wrong information, you’re the one at risk.
On Saturday, October 10, at 10:00am, the League of Women Voters will oversee a candidate forum for the four Board of Education candidates vying for three open positions on the Englewood Schools school board for the November 3 election. The event will take place at the Englewood Campus in the Venue.
The four candidates are as follows:
  • Kevin M. Ebert
  • Sharon Scheminske
  • Dagan Thomas
  • Gary Richardson (write-in candidate)
At the forum, candidates will have an opportunity to make opening and closing remarks and will answer questions submitted by the audience. 
Englewood Schools has been a Google Apps for Education District for a number of years now. But we have a number of new staff and others who need some professional development on how to use Google apps for teaching and learning. This series is focused on teacher use of Google Apps with students. Nonetheless, all staff are welcome to participate. These are hands-on classes so bring your laptops/iPads. Relicensure credit will be offered for each session except June's. These are optional sessions. Attend as few or as many as you need. If registered participants exceed room capacity, a second session will be scheduled.

To register for a session, just find the event on the 2015-16 District Professional Development Calendar at https://www.englewoodschools.net/Page/4188. Then click on the event – more details. Then below the session description, find the attached link to the registration form, click on it, fill it out, and submit. You can also copy the event to your calendar. From within the details of the event, click on more actions – copy to [your calendar]. Alternatively, you can click on the event below to take you directly to the registration form for that session. These sessions will be team-taught by teachers and Technology Department staff. We hope to see you there. (There will be chocolate!)

October 21st – Google Classroom
November 19th – Google Docs & Drive
December 17th – Google Forms & Sheets
January 21st – Google Calendar & Gmail
February 18th – Google Sites
March 17th – Google Slides
April 20th – Google Chrome & Extensions
May 19th – Google Hangouts
June 2nd – Preview of iPad Apps for 2016-17

This PD series is aligned to Colorado Teacher Quality Standards 3.D. and 4.B and Colorado Licensure Standards 7.1-7.5.
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Ergonomic Backpacks
Did you know that about 55% of students carry a backpack that is heavier than the recommended guideline of 10% of the student’s total body weight? Carrying too much weight in a pack or wearing it the wrong way can lead to pain and strain. Parents and teachers can take steps to help children load and wear backpacks the correct way to avoid health problems.

Please see the attached websites for some helpful information:


If you have concerns, please consult with Englewood's Occupational Therapists (Cristina Capretta or Val Kuhr) about an ergonomic evaluation regarding backpacks, computer use, or other learning-related issues.

Apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards for Colorado's Top Youth Volunteers of 2016
Through Nov. 3, students in grades five-12 who have made meaningful service contributions to their communities within the past 12 months are invited to apply for the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. The top two candidates from each state – one high school student and one middle school student – receive $1,000 awards, engraved silver medallions and an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., April 30 – May 3, 2016.

The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards were created in 1995 to recognize students in middle and high school grades who have made meaningful contributions to their communities through volunteer service. These prestigious awards, sponsored by Prudential Financial in partnership with the National Association of Secondary School Principals, are presented annually on the local, state and national level.
Click Here for Additional Information


Cooking Supplies Donations
The Bishop Significant Needs Support classroom is doing a weekly cooking group this week. We are looking for donations of the following items (if you happen to have an extra):

Measuring spoons
Measuring Cups
Dish Towels
Dish Rags
Rubber Spatula
Vegetable Peeler
Cutting Boards
Oven Mitts
Apple Corer
Strawberry Huller
Paring Knives
Cookie Sheets
And anything else you think we might use in our cooking group.

Please send to Erin Huffield (teacher) at Bishop Elementary or email Val Kuhr (OT) to pick up the items.

Thank you.
Erin Huffield and Val Kuhr
Colorado Proud Day