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Important Information for Everyone
  • Final Superintendent Candidate Selected: Wendy Rubin has been named the final superintendent candidate. Read more...
  • Subfinder will be Discontinued after June 30, 2015: A new service will take its place. Read more...
  • Reminder - Online Learning Modules Available: For all employees. Read more...
  • Englewood Education Foundation Creativity Grants: Apply by Friday, June 19. Read more...
  • Save the Date: The Fall Fling will be held on August 29, 2015. Read more...
  • New Program Titles for Special Education: Effective beginning in the 2015-16 school year. Read more...
  • Print Shop Summer Hours: The Print Shop will be open throughout the summer. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Summer Activities for Students: Englewood Schools and the Englewood Public Library are partnering this summer to encourage students to read. Read more...
  • TELL Survey Results are in: Englewood Schools had 86.81% of all staff complete the TELL survey. Read more...
  • How to Close the School Year in Teaching Strategies GOLD: Read this important message as you wrap up the school year and prepare for fall. Read more...
  • Enrich will replace SchoolNet: Starting in the 2015-2016 school year. Read more...

  • Final Farewell Fundraiser with Paul Evans: Proceeds go to EHS Athletics. Read more...
  • SmartLab Video: Englewood Schools students and staff talk about our state-of-the art STEM Labs. Read more...

Important Information for Everyone
The Englewood Schools Board of Education is pleased to announce Wendy Rubin as its final candidate for the position of superintendent of Englewood Public Schools.

Pending contract negotiations, the Board will take action on her hire. Dr. Rubin is currently the Principal of Chatfield High School.

“On behalf of the Board, I want to thank all those who participated in focus groups and advisory interview committees. The input was highly valuable to our process,” said Englewood Schools Board President Duane Tucker.

The superintendent search process began this spring when the Board contracted with the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB) to lead them through the process. CASB held a series of focus groups in April 2015 that involved about 50 members of the Englewood community representing taxpayers, parents, teachers, classified staff, and administrators. The focus groups gave feedback to the Board regarding what the community would like to see in a new superintendent. CASB posted the vacancy on March 27, 2015, and accepted applications through April 21, 2015. The Board announced finalists May 1, 2015, and conducted interviews May 9, 2015. Two superintendent selection advisory committees, composed of members who represent the district advisory committee, classified employees, teachers, students, principals, district administrators, and members from the Englewood community at large, had the opportunity to interview the finalists and serve in an advisory capacity to the Board. The Board also conducted its own interviews on Saturday and announced its final candidate May 15, 2015.

Frontline Technologies, the provider of Aesop, has purchased CRS Advanced Technology, the provider of SubFinder. This means that SubFinder will be replaced by Aesop for absence reporting and substitute placement with Englewood Schools.

To make this transition as easy as possible for all employees, the “Go Live” date will be July 1, 2015. We will end this school year with SubFinder and start the 2015-2016 school year with Aesop.

To get a more in depth look at Aesop from the different type of users, check out the different links to Aesop’s Learning Centers below. Each Learning Center is full of training materials – articles, videos and guides – that pertain specifically to each User.

Secretaries and Principals:
- Campus Users (or “Administrators” in SF) http://help1.frontlinek12.com/?b_id=2369

- Employees http://help1.frontlinek12.com/?b_id=3397

- Substitutes http://help1.frontlinek12.com/?b_id=3220

Each Learning Center is accessible without even logging into Aesop. The best place to start in each center is by clicking onto the “Getting Started” icon right in the middle of the main page. This will take each user to a good starting place to learn about how Aesop works and its functionality. The search bar allows you to enter a keyword or phrase (like “payroll” or “absence”) and related material will populate.
In addition, once we are ‘live” and you are able to log into Aesop, there will always be a “Help” tab available to you where you can instantly click and link to Aesop’s Learning Centers at any time.

Watch your District email over the next weeks and months for your individual log in information plus any other self training guidance as it becomes available. If you have a question or concern about this upcoming software change, please reach out to Linda Shamlin or Theresa Romero.
Online Learning Modules, available for all employees.
Public School Works Online Learning Modules
username: first initial and last name, for example: jdoe
password: last four of social security number

Examples of course catalog include:
Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
Emergency Management
First Aid Equipment and Supplies
Food Safety
Operations Safety
Personal Productivity – MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook
Safe Work Practices and Job Procedures
Nurse Safety
Student Behavior, Intervention and Support
Student Safety, Wellness and Social Responsibility
Workplace Safety

The Englewood Education Foundation provides grants to promote, implement and support innovative educational projects that are aligned with the vision and mission of Englewood Schools that are not supported through traditional district funding.
The deadline to apply is Friday, June 19, 2015 at 12:00 noon.
Checks will be awarded in September 2015. 
The Englewood Education Foundation's annual fundraiser, the Fall Fling, will be held on August 29, 2015, at the B.O.B. from 6:00pm to 10:00pm.

Effective for the 2015-16 school year.

In an effort to better reflect the services provided in our special education programs, the Englewood Special Education Leadership Committee has adopted some new program titles. The following are the name changes for programs provided within Englewood Schools: *Please note that the Early Childhood, Speech and Language, and TIES programs will keep their current names.

Learning Support Program (Formerly SHaRE):
This program will serve students with disabilities that have mild to moderate academic delays (generally 1-2 years below grade level). Typically these students in this program are able to be independent in a school setting and their academic support can be provided in class, via a team taught class, or in skills-based pullout group. Students in the Learning Support Program will participate in district and state assessments with or without accommodations, based on the individual’s IEP. Students in this program typically have adequate adaptive and life skills.

Moderate Academic Support Program (Formerly: ADAPT-A):
This program will support students who display moderate/severe academic delays (generally 3-4 years below grade level). Students in this program may need support in some school settings and a modified curriculum or significant accommodations to access the general education curriculum. Often the student’s IEP indicates that academic needs can be met in and outside of general education setting. Students in the Moderate Academic Support Program will participate in district and state assessments with or without accommodations, based on the individual’s IEP. Students in this program typically have some adaptive skill building needs.

Significant Support Program (Formerly ADAPT-D):
The Significant Support Program will serve students with disabilities that display significant academic delays (generally more than 5 years below grade level). Students in this program are typically unable to be independent in one or more life skills (including but not limited to: completing a task, toileting, feeding, accessing the school setting). These students require modified curriculum with accommodations and their core academics are typically taught using a modified curriculum outside of the general education classroom. Students in the Significant Support Program typically qualify for the alternative state and district assessments. Students in this program typically have very impacted adaptive skills.

Affective Needs Program (Formerly BEAM):
Student who access the Affective Needs Program typically display behavioral and/or emotional characteristics that seriously interfere with their learning or the learning of others. These students demonstrate one or more of the following characteristic to a marked degree: lack of emotional regulation, an inability to utilize coping strategies, difficulty with interpersonal skills, aggression, an inability to identify feelings/emotions (in self and/or others), a lack of stress tolerance, and/or extreme difficulty attending to task. Many of the students in this program have been identified as having a Serious Emotional Disability (SED) or a mental health disorder, but they are not student whose sole diagnosis is Social Maladjustment Disorder. Students in this program may need to access individualized support, small group pullout or academic instruction in a separate environment in order to learn. Students in the Affective Needs Program typically participate in district and state assessments with or without accommodations, based on the individual’s IEP.

The Print Shop will have a new web submission for orders this summer. More information to come in early August.

We will also be open throughout the summer. Plan early and get your orders in to get your orders in time.  

As we made the decision to cancel summer school for elementary students, we became proactive in creating partnerships and researching opportunities for our students to engage in during the summer months. Below is an outline of the outcomes of this work. Please promote all the opportunities at your school as we will on the district website.


Regis Summer Reading Program located at Denver Seminary on Santa Fe (45 scholarships)
  • Your school's point person has provided student names to Bailey and she is contacting each parent individually to explain the specifics and ensure interest. 
  • Parents are responding VERY positively and over 14 students are already enrolled
Englewood Public Library Summer Reading Program that kicks off on June 8. 
  • The library will provide small incentive rewards for reading all summer long with 2 major drawings for Elitches, Pirate's Cove, etc. along the way and final prizes
  • The library will keep track of which school reads the most over the summer and that school will get to house a "reading trophy" with plaque for the entire school year - It will return to the library next summer.
  • The library will have activities beginning at 1:00pm every week day for students to engage in 
  • The library will provide guessing jars weekly with prizes
  • Englewood is outfitting the library with 45 backpacks for student checkout. The backpacks will include logic games (think Boggle, Connect Four, cards games) exploration equipment (think butterfly nets and magnifying glasses), wellness games (think frisbee, jump rope) and books
  • The library staff is visiting each school to talk with individual classrooms about these opportunities
Pizza Hut
  • Pizza hut will provide students with a free individual pan pizza for reading. Students can get their "pizza hut" ticket at the Library
City of Englewood
  • The City of Englewood will serve a free lunch to anyone under 18 at noon every week day at both the Civic Center and Clayton

Parent Magazine
  • Colorado Parent magazine is delivering (or has delivered) enough magazines to each of your schools to go home with the youngest student in each family. The magazine includes parenting articles and list great things to do in Colorado
  • This magazine will now come to your school each month of the school year
Englewood Fun Summer Activities Flyer
  • The flyer includes free days at local museums and available activities in Englewood (including those listed above)
  • The flyer is attached for you to view and we are getting copies made for each school. The flyer and parent magazines could go home together at the same time
We are really excited to engage our students over the summer! Any summer reading goal setting you can do in your schools/classrooms will really help the cause, as it may make students more likely to access the library.

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TELL Survey Results are in
Englewood School district had 86.81% of all staff complete the TELL survey compared to 51.06% of all educators in the state of Colorado. Because the response rate was so high, Englewood Educators and Central Office agreed to use the results from the TELL survey en lieu of creating our own second semester Professional Development Survey.

The professional development portion is composed of 14 questions, and in most areas the percentage of teachers in Englewood who agree with the statements is on par with the state average. However, in the following areas, there was a significant difference between the answers of Englewood and the state:
  • More Englewood teachers believe that an appropriate amount of time is provided for professional development. (Colorado 66%, Englewood 74%
  • Fewer Englewood teachers believe that professional development is differentiated to meet the needs of individual teachers. (Colorado 49%, Englewood 38%)
  • More Englewood teachers believe that professional learning opportunities are aligned with the school’s improvement plan. (Colorado 84%, Englewood 90%)
  • More Englewood teachers believe that follow-up is provided from professional development in the school. (Colorado 57%, Englewood 65%)
  • More Englewood teachers believe that school leadership participates in professional development opportunities with teachers. (Colorado 79%, Englewood 86%)

Englewood Teachers also indicated that their highest needs in the area of PD are:
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Using Technology in Classroom Instruction
View entire results of survey: http://www.tellcolorado.org/results/report/287/113784

How to Close the School Year in Teaching Strategies GOLD

Review this important message about managing Results Matter child records in Teaching Strategies® GOLD™ online as you wrap up the school year and prepare for fall.

  • Please wait to edit child demographics in the “Manage Children” section (school district, funding source, colored bands, etc.) for existing portfolios in anticipation of next school year until July 2, 2015.
  • Please wait to transfer any existing portfolios in anticipation of next school year until July 2, 2015.
  • You may begin archiving as soon as you are ready. No need to wait until July. Do not delete records.
  • You may make changes to child records in GOLD™ as soon as they occur in real time (e.g., Child is staffed off an IEP mid-year. Make changes in GOLD™ ASAP).

Children Transitioning to Kindergarten
  • Please follow the OSEP exit process for preschool children with IEPs who are transitioning to kindergarten.
  • In order to allow CDE sufficient time to prepare preschool data for state and federal reporting, you must postpone transfers of child records and changes in the “Manage Children” section of the online system until July 2, 2015
  • Please do not transfer existing preschool child records to kindergarten sites or classrooms until July 2.
  • Please do not make any changes in the “Manage Children” section of the online system until July 2. This includes changes to colored bands, school districts, funding sources, etc.
  • You may archive portfolios as soon as you are ready.
  • After July 2, you may update and transfer child records in order to set up the kindergarten classes and sites.
  • If your GOLD™ subscription includes community partners or Head Start programs as well as kindergartens, then child records in the community partner/Head Start sites may ONLY be transferred to district kindergarten sites with written parent/guardian permission. If you cannot obtain written permission from the parent or guardian, archive the preschool record and create a new record for the child in their kindergarten site.
Q: What if I have already completed OSEP exits and archived the child records? A: Not a problem. When your kindergarten program is ready to get started (after July 2), they can reactivate child records for returning children and place them in the appropriate classrooms and sites.

Preschool Children Remaining in Preschool in 2015-2016:
  • Records can remain as is until fall. No need to archive and reactivate. 
  • In order to allow CDE sufficient time for preparing preschool data for state and federal reporting, you must postpone transfers of child records and changes in the “Manage Children” section of the online system until July 2, 2015
  • Please do not transfer existing preschool child records to other sites until July 2.
  • Please do not make any changes to child demographics in the “Manage Children” section of the online system until July 2. This includes changes to colored bands, school districts, funding sources, etc.
  • You may archive portfolios as soon as you are ready.
Preschool Children Leaving Your Preschool Program (moving away or dis-enrolling from the preschool program):
  • Archive child records at any time. Do not delete records.
  • Please complete OSEP exits for children who have moved away or have disenrolled, even if you do not know where they are going.


When a staff member leaves employment in your program, please:

1. Disable their user account.
2. Do not delete the user account. Deleting user accounts will permanently erase their Basic Course and Interrater Reliability records.
3. User accounts can be transferred at CDE’s organizational level. If you have hired someone who previously had a user account in another system, complete the transfer request at:
http://www.cde.state.co.us/sites/default/files/StaffTransferFormUpdated81213RESULTSMATTER.pdf and we will move the teacher/administrator account to the new location. This has no bearing on child records. It is restricted to the staff member information.

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Enrich will Replace SchoolNet
Englewood School District will no longer be using SchoolNet in the 2015-2016 school year. Instead, we will move to a system supported by the state of Colorado called Enrich. Enrich will produce a student dashboard and has the ability to create and modify all student plans (excepting IEPs). Users will be trained on Enrich in the fall and some teachers have already begun implementation this year.  


Final Farewell Fundraiser with Paul Evans
Colleagues & Friends -

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve along side you all for the past 16 years. As I embark on this next adventure, a portion of my heart will forever remain with Englewood. As Mark Twain once wrote, "Always be yourself... unless you can be a Pirate. Then always be a Pirate." No matter where my ship sails, this will always be a welcome port.

In my last act as a member of this staff and community, I would like to invite EVERYONE to what I have dubbed my "Final Farewell Fundraiser". On May 28th (2-6pm), before you ship off for the summer, stop by the South Philly Cheesesteaks (1400 E Hampden Ave - The Gelinas' restaurant). Have a bite to eat, or a "therapeutic beverage", or just swing by to wish me a farewell... A portion of any purchase you make will go to support the EHS Athletic Department.

If you can't make it, or just aren't hungry or thirsty, donations will be gladly accepted. Please - no personal gifts. My memories are the most valuable treasure I have, and I will be taking quite a bounty with me! See the invitation here. 

Thanks -

Paul Evans
Athletic Director
Englewood Public Schools
(303) 806-2253
The Englewood Campus hosted Creative Learning Systems while it was making a video about SmartLabs! Watch the video here, featuring Englewood students and staff, along with Slavens K-8.