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Important Information for Everyone
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the 12/16 Board of Education meeting. Read more...
  • Finance 101: This installment regards the District's financial position. Read more...
  • Print Shop Closure: The publications department will be closed from Dec. 22 to Jan. 5 Read more...
  • RDAB Closures: The Roscoe Davidson Administration Building will be closed during upcoming holidays. Read more...
  • TEC and CFAHS Move: A timeline and information about how to get ready for the move. Read more...
  • Migrate your emails from FirstClass: All emails in FirstClass will be deleted after December 31. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • iPad Training Added to PD Calendar: The IT team has added a one day iPad training on Feb. 5. Read more...
  • Retrieving Aspire data from Schoolnet: How to look at your specific classes. Read more...
  • District assessment Google site: Important links, training information, and key how to tutorials in one location. Read more...
  • Acuity Perceptions: Investigating issues in Acuity.
  • PARCC Assessment Update: An update on student accommodations. Read more...
IT Updates
  • New Tech Support and Tips: Take a look at the new Tech Support and Tips webpage. Read more...
  • iPad Uptime: Some solutions for making sure iPads have more uptime. Read more... 
  • Winter Fitness Classes: Make your requests now!
  • Staff Wellness Needs and Interest Survey: The results are in. Read more...
  • Healthy Holidays Program: Going on now.
  • Recreational Soccer Team: Starting mid-January.

Important Information for Everyone
Finance 101

This is a discussion about the District’s Financial Position and challenges ahead. Again, as always, should you have any questions about the District’s finances, please contact Jon Kvale.
The Publications Department will be closed from December 22 until January 5. We will be assisting in the move for TEC and CFAHS. Orders will be looked at on January 5 in the order that they are received. Please have a safe and happy holiday, we will see you in the New Year.
Beginning Saturday, December 20th through Sunday, January 4th the Roscoe Davidson Administration Building (RDAB) will be closed to the public. These closures will provide an opportunity for employees to take time off to spend with family and friends.
The time has finally come when our projects are nearing completion and all staff will be in their respective places! To clarify for everyone involved (all EHS, EMS & CFAHS staff), every staff member and every room should be packed and ready to move by the end of the day on the 19th of December. Packing supplies will be provided as we lead up to that date. If there are specific needs please contact Donovan Nolan with CBRE and he will coordinate.

CBRE and Bailey’s Moving will conduct the move during Winter Break which is currently scheduled for the 29th, 30th, and 31st of December. It is planned for staff to have access to their spaces on the 2nd of January to prepare for the start of school on the 7th. Please understand these dates and focus on the move plans that were provided in your staff meetings. Our goal is to make this move as smooth as possible and create the least amount of disruption for all involved! Thank you for your collaboration and effort put forth!
To see the entire move schedule, click here

Migrate your emails from FirstClass

After December 31, employees will no longer have access to emails stored in FirstClass. Please be sure that you have migrated all your emails to Google.

If you have questions, please contact Matt Kuhn
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In order to meet the needs of anyone new to the district, the IT team has added a one day iPad training on February 5, 2015 from 8:00 – 3:00 in the Maddox Training Center. Principals have already approved this date for any new teacher who would be impacted by iPads in the classroom. The district will provide the sub, and teachers can expect a personal email in January.
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Retrieving Aspire data from Schoolnet
Aspire is the only place to view individual student reports, but you can get a look at your specific classes in Schoolnet by following the steps in this screen shot.
Schoolnet makes seeing your class easier than Aspire because it allows you to see only your students.
District Assessment Google Site

Aside from the assessment information teachers can find on our website, under for staff: assessments, the district has also created a Google site, which contains important links, training information, and key how to tutorials all in one location. We will continue to add to this site as more information becomes available. This is a good site to bookmark: https://sites.google.com/a/engschools.net/englewood-schools-assessment-training-materials/home

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Acuity Perceptions

We have heard from many teachers that Acuity has not lived up to its previous standards with the new College Readiness Assessments that are aligned to CCSS. Central Office continues to investigate any issues that are presented by principals and teachers and to work with principals to make testing as convenient as possible.

Most recently we investigated the instances in which teachers shared that students had more questions on test than appeared in the student response section that teachers view online.

There were two reasons that this could have happened:

Scenario 1:
Teachers printed the ONLINE AND PAPER version of the session 1 test, but students were assigned the ONLINE ONLY version of session 1.

In this instance, there are more questions on paper copies of session 1 then scores that could be entered in manual scoring. An example is a student who had 40 questions and the teacher could only see 35 responses in manual scoring, with nowhere to enter the CR items.

What Happened?
All students were assigned the ONLINE ONLY version for session 1, and there is no printable test for the online only version. Therefore the district did not provide any paper copies for session 1. If teachers chose to print copies of session 1, and they accidentally printed the ONLINE AND PAPER version, then the students would have had the multiple choice items from the online version and the CR items (found only in the online/paper version) to complete. However, the teacher would have nowhere to enter the scores for the CR items, because students were not assigned the online and paper version of the session 1 test.

Regarding student scores:
If the students took the multiple choice questions online, the student reports will be valid and aligned to standards; the teacher could not enter the scores for CR items because this is not applicable in the online only version which was assigned.

Scenario 2: Field test items were randomly included in some of the assessments. In this scenario, no paper copies were printed, but (some) students still might have completed more questions than the responses that appeared in the teacher view of Acuity.

What happened?
As Acuity has included Field Test items on the new assessments, they are not including the student responses as part of the body of evidence to guide instruction. Acuity is gathering the data to these items in a behind the scenes data table that they can use to analyze the validity and reliability of new items.

Regarding student scores:
Student scores are not affected by the field test items and do not impact reports about standards.

In order to provide ongoing support to schools, Central Office will hold focus groups so that teachers can provide feedback regarding Acuity. Additionally, we will train an assessment cohort of teacher leaders across the district so that each building can have a person to contact regarding assessment questions/concerns. Please let Michell Ansley know if you might be interested in this role that would be compensated through extra duty pay.
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PARCC Assessment Update

People from Central Office will be trained regarding PARCC Administration from the Colorado Department of Education on January 9, 2015. Prior to that, Central Office will send out Excel spreadsheets for students who qualify for accommodations so that we can begin the process of identifying the best updated accommodation that will support students during online testing. You can expect that Central Office will create training materials for schools and personally train Principals by the end of January. Teacher trainings will follow.
Additionally, Central Office will be uploading teachers to the Pearson Access Next System, so that once training is complete, teacher can login to the system. You can view the login page here: http://co.pearsonaccessnext.com/customer/index.action
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Take a look at the new Tech Support and Tips page at https://www.englewoodschools.net/domain/709 for our new technical support request system and other links to important technology information and skills training. Starting January 5 2015, Englewood Schools will use the ITDirect system from SchoolDude to manage technical support requests. The reason for this change is to improve communications between requesters and support technicians, efficiency, and to collect data on frequent issues. If you are an employee of the district, please use the Tech Support Account Quick Guide to setup an account. Then when you have an issue that requires technical support, you can submit a request.

Technical support technicians will not take support requests via email, phone, or other means unless an online system request has been made first. This system will keep support requests from being lost during busy times and will provide a way to check on the status of work in progress and completion dates. At the elementary levels, you can put in a request directly, just like all other staff, or you can still ask for help from computer lab proctors first. But if they need to escalate the request, a request will still need to be put into the online system. If students need assistance, they should ask their teachers first. If the teacher cannot quickly solve the problem, than a staff member will need to put in a request to the online system on the student's behalf. Please help us provide you with the most effective and efficient technical support possible through our new system.

iPad Uptime

We would like to improve the uptime of student iPads so that teachers can depend on them being available for the whole class more often. We are working on some common charging areas. Also, if a student does not have a functioning iPad on any given day, you can ask your tech support technician for a loaner iPad. We will issue these when asked and when we receive an iPad that needs to be repaired.

The iPads are setup with all Apps that have been assigned to their school. The student will be able to access all of their cloud-based school work. All Apps that require a student log on will function as they would on their assigned iPad.

The school Dean or appropriate administrator will determine if the student will be able to take the loaner iPad home or if it will need to be turned in at the end of the school day.

Your school’s assigned tech will assign and collect the iPad when the loaner period has ended.

The loaner is a third generation iPad and therefore has the older 30-pin dock connector. A cable and charger will be issued with each iPad.
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Winter Fitness Classes - Make your requests now!

If you are interested in having a FREE on-site fitness class at your building in winter 2015, please submit your request to Caryn Tomasiewicz (caryn@healthatwork.com) with the following information:
  • Type of class requested
  • Day of the week 
  • Time of day
  • Block-out dates (such as holidays, events at your school, or other things that may interfere with class).
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Staff Wellness Needs and Interest Survey

Thank you to all who completed the Staff wellness needs and interest survey!

You can see the aggregate results on the website under Health and Wellness > Staff Wellness.

Some common themes we found:
  • After work is the best time for participation in wellness programs
  • Onsite fitness classes are popular
  • Competitions with prizes is an appealing format!
  • Staff generally feel we can help each other in wellness by asking each other to take a walk together, go to a class, and NOT bring in the sweets and junk food!

Thank you for helping to improve our wellness program, and please consider joining a building / school wellness committee, or become a wellness Champion! Email Dale Lumpa for more info (dale_lumpa@engschools.net).
If you are interested in receiving weekly email communications with tips, inspiration, and healthy recipes for the holiday period, please email caryn@healthatwork.com.

The “Healthy Holidays” program is offered by Kaiser Permanente and is free to all Englewood Schools employees! You may participate individually, or you can also create a team of friends, family, and co-workers and set a group goal.

This program will run from Thanksgiving week through January 1, 2015.

Please see the ES website under Health and wellness > Staff wellness for more information!
As part of Englewood School's wellness efforts, we are starting an indoor, recreational, coed soccer team. We will start in the lower division (easier) at Denver Sports Center. Email matt_kuhn@engschools.net and amy_miller@engschools.net if you would like to be on the team. We will fill the 11 slots with the first 11 interested players. We need at least 4 female players. The rules require that two females play on the field at each game.

We will play at Denver Sports Center, located at 5555 W. Evans Ave, in a league on Sundays with games scheduled anytime between 8:30 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Eight-game sessions are offered at a discounted cost to us of $500/team and $10 paid in cash to the referees at the beginning of each game. So each player's cost would be $53 for the season. Six players play on the field at a time and games are 44 minutes long. Substitutions are on the fly, hockey style.

The next session start mid January so don't delay, let us know if you would like to be on the team right away. You can find out more at: http://www.letsplaysoccer.com/facilities/5