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In this issue:
  • Results of Aimsweb Benchmark Assessment:
  • District writing scores are in for quarter one: Based on the results, 16.9% of Englewood students are proficient in writing. Read more....
Important Information for Everyone
  • Benefit Open Enrollment: Medical, Dental Vision Plan information. Read more...
  • SunLife Financial: Voluntary Benefits Provider.
  • Open Enrollment Assistance: During open enrollment, representatives from HR, Business Services and SunLife will be at each site to assist eligible employees. Read more...
  • RDAB Closures: The Roscoe Davidson Administration Building will be closed during upcoming holidays. Read more...
  • School Finance 101: This installment is a continuation of district revenues that was started in the last ACT NOW. Read more...
  • Migrate your emails from FirstClass: All emails in FirstClass will be deleted on December 31. Read more...
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the November 5 Board of Education meeting. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • View the 2014 Mathematics and Science Partnerships Conference Materials: Presentation slides, handouts, presenter bios and participant lists are available. Read more...
  • Win an Amazon Gift Card: Complete this survey and you might win an Amazon Gift Card. Read more...
  • Acuity B and the Quarter 2 writing prompt: The student score from the quarter two writing benchmark will be used as the score for the Acuity written response. Read more...
  • Respecting Diversity During the December Holidays: The Anti-Defamation League provides some tips for the upcoming holiday season. Read more...
  • Coins for A's: Students can earn coins for good grades. Read more...
Health and Wellness Corner
  • Fall Fitness Classes: Going on now!
  • Your wellness program: Tell us what you think! Read more...
  • Englewood Schools Wellness Policy: Physical Activity.

Monitoring for Progress
Results of Aimsweb Benchmark One Assessment
  • 36 students who qualified for a READ plan last year, scored proficient on the first aimsweb benchmark this year!
  • 340 students in grades K-3 qualify for a significant reading deficiency based on 2014 fall benchmark
  • 82 of those students are on an IEP/ELP
 District writing scores are in for Quarter One
 Based on the results, 16.9% of Englewood students are proficient in writing.
 writing data

Important Information for Everyone

Benefit Open Enrollment: Medical, Dental, Vision Plan Information

Duration: November 1 – 30, 2014
Changes Effective: January 1, 2015
2015 Health Plan Rate Sheet
Open Enrollment Instructions

Kaiser Permanente:
2 High Deductible Health Plan Options

   1) $2000 Individual/$4000 Family
  District HSA Monthly Contribution = $55.71


   2) $4000 Individual/$8000 Family
  District HSA Monthly Contribution = $142.22

The amount allotted for premium plus HSA = $482.05
$2000/$4000 Monthly Premium: $426.34 + $55.71 = $482.05
$4000/$8000 Monthly Premium: $339.83 + $142.22 = $482.05

   1.0 FTE Teachers: the District will pay the employee’s monthly premium/HSA contributions for those eligible and enrolled.

Admin/Pro/Tech and Classified employees working a minimum of 4 hours per day and 175 days per year: the District will pay the employee’s monthly premium/HSA contributions for those eligible and enrolled.

Kaiser Monthly Premiums
$2000/$4000 Deductible with $55.71/mo HSA District Contribution
Employee: $0.00 (Restrictions above apply)
Employee + 1: $430.40
Employee + Family: $809.72

$4000/$8000 Deductible with $142.22/mo HSA District Contribution
Employee: $0.00 (Restrictions above apply)
Employee + 1: $343.06
Employee + Family: $645.41

No Plan Change
Benefit Summary:
$50 Individual/$150 Family Deductible
Annual Max: $2000
Preventative & Diagnostic: 100% Covered for PPO / 80% for Premier
Basic Services: 80% for PPO / 80% for Premier
Major Services: 50% for PPO / 50% for Premier
Orthodontic Services: 50% for PPO / 50% for Premier

Delta Monthly Premiums
Employee: $17.94*
Employee + 1: $47.64
Employee + Family: $87.97
*Rates Above Reflect 50% District Contribution for Employee

VSP (Vision Service Plan)
Benefit Summary:
$10 exam co-pay
$25 glasses co-pay
$130 contact lens allowance
$130 frame allowance
Exam – every 12 months
Lenses – every 12 months
Frames – every 24 months

VSP Monthly Premiums
Employee: $8.67
Employee + 1: $12.58
Family: $22.55

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SunLife Financial, Voluntary Benefits Provider

Get ready
When the path you’re on takes an unexpected turn, will you be ready for it? Taking advantage of your employee benefits can help protect your finances, your family, and your future.

Englewood Schools is pleased to provide you with several different insurance options from Sun Life Financial during this year’s enrollment period. You can enroll for Voluntary Cancer & Critical Illness, Voluntary Life, Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Voluntary Short Term Disability, and Voluntary Accident coverage during the enrollment period, from November 1st – November 30th. This is a great opportunity for you to protect yourself from life’s unexpected events so that your plans—and your finances—are secure.

Learn more about the importance of insurance at

Plan information will be available during the enrollment period, and your benefits booklet will be provided after enrollment.

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Open Enrollment Assistance

During Open Enrollment representatives from Human Resources, Business Services as well as SunLife will be at each site to assist all benefit eligible employees with new enrollment, as well as adjustments to plans.

Employees will meet with an HR representative to review and ensure accuracy with health plan enrollment or to waive coverage. An individual meeting is new this year as often employees accidentally submit incomplete or inaccurate forms that may hurt them financially.

Employees will also meet with a SunLife educator to review policies, enroll or modify coverage: SunLife offers Critical Illness and Cancer, Voluntary Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Voluntary Short Term Disability, and new this year, Voluntary Accident policies. Specific plan information will be available during open enrollment and benefit booklets will be provided after enrollment.

Finally, employees will also meet with a Business Services representative regarding resources available when planning for retirement.

The three representatives will be at the following locations and times:

Englewood High School / Englewood Leadership Academy
November 7th
8am – 4pm

November 10th
8am – 4pm

Charles Hay World School
November 11th
8am – 4pm
Bishop Elementary
November 12th
8am – 4pm

Maddox (Early Childhood Education)
November 13th
8am – 4pm

Roscoe Davidson Admin Building (RDAB) / Duell Service Center (DSC)
November 14th
8am – 4pm
Beginning Saturday, November 22nd through Sunday, November 30th, and Saturday, December 20th through Sunday, January 4th the Roscoe Davidson Administration Building (RDAB) will be closed to the public. These closures will provide an opportunity for employees to take time off to spend with family and friends.
School Finance 101: Revenues

This is a continuation of the explanation of District Revenues started with the last issue of ACT NOW. In future issues the discussion will be about District expenses. Then Fund Balance, Revenues and Expenses will be combined into one presentation to give the reader a better understanding of the District’s current financial situation. Again, as always, should you have any questions about the District’s finances, please contact Jon Kvale.
Click here to read more about revenues.

Migrate your emails from FirstClass

After December 31, employees will no longer have access to emails stored in FirstClass. Please be sure that you have migrated all your emails to Google.

If you have questions, please contact Matt Kuhn
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The 2014 Mathematics and Science Partnerships Conference held in Washington, D.C. Sept. 29-Oct. 1 fostered discussions within and across projects and states. To learn more about the projects and facilitate further dialogue, view the Mathematics and Science Partnerships conference documents, including presentation slides, handouts, presenter bios and the participant list available at http://www.ed-msp.net/index.php/2014-msp-conference-materials. Visit http://www.ed-msp.net/ to browse descriptions of collaborative partnerships between science, technology, engineering and mathematics departments at institutions of higher education and high-need school districts. Click Here for Additional Information.
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Complete the Survey and Earn a Chance to Win an Amazon Gift Card

I am a fellow Colorado educator and a doctoral student at Northcentral University conducting a dissertation study entitled “Predicting Teacher Turnover Intentions through Morale and Job Satisfaction: A Quantitative Study.” The purpose of the study is to measure the extent to which morale and job satisfaction can predict teacher turnover intention. To conduct this work I need your help by providing your responses to an anonymous survey, which should take no longer than fifteen minutes and will provide you with an opportunity to enter a drawing to receive an Amazon gift card. Your participation will provide scientific evidence from which the researcher will attempt to determine if morale and job satisfaction can be used to predict teacher turnover intentions. Please review the attached Informed Consent document and click on this link, or copy and paste it into a new browser, to be taken to the survey page. 


Acuity B and the Quarter 2 writing prompt

In order to spend less time assessing students, elementary principals have agreed to use the student score from the quarter two writing benchmark as the score for the Acuity written response. In essence one writing tasks will count for two assessments. You can expect that we will provide a translation chart by grade level so that teachers can enter a comparable level of proficiency into the Acuity system as the student received on the district writing rubric. You will also be reminded to communicate with your students to “skip” this question on the Acuity Assessment. Specific information will be in the next issue of ACT Now, but if you have questions, please ask your principals.

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Respecting Diversity for December Holidays

In an effort to help schools comply with the United States Constitution and create an environment that communicates respect for diversity by valuing diverse points of view concerning religion, the Anti-Defamation League offers the following guidelines for developing December holiday curricula:

  • The school must never appear to endorse religion over non-religion, or one particular religious faith over another.
  • Diversity includes religious diversity.
  • Public schools must remain free from activities that could involve religious coercion.
  • Schools must be careful not to cross the line between teaching about religious holidays (which is permitted) and celebrating religious holidays (which is not.)
  • Special school events, assemblies, concerts and programs must be designed to further a secular and objective program of education and must not focus on any one religion or religious observance.
  • Religious symbols are not appropriate seasonal decorations in public schools.
  • In an effort to be inclusive, it is not advisable to seek or rely on information about a religion from a representative child of that faith tradition. 
To read more about the December dos and don'ts, you can visit the Anti-Defamation League webpage focused on December holidays.
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Coins for A's

Coins for A’s is a program in which the ANA awards coins to students who have earned three or more A’s during the latest school marking period. The student simply sends a copy of their report card to our headquarters and we in turn send the student a world coin along with a congratulatory letter asking them to learn as much about the country the coin came from. Every time that a student is eligible, they may repeat the process and we will send a different world coin. There is never a cost involved and when a student earns their first coin, we will even send to the youngster an application for a free 6 month membership to the ANA.

There are currently over 600 students enrolled in the program on a national level. Parents have commented how much they enjoy the program as it promotes academic excellence. Please be sure that no information about the student is shared. We shred report cards after we have verified a student’s eligibility.

Fall Fitness Classes Continue!

FREE fitness classes are currently being run at the following dates / times / locations. These classes are FREE to all ES employees. Get out there and enjoy!


Mondays, Cherrelyn, 3:30 – 4:30, through December 1
Tuesdays, Charles Hay, 3:30 – 4:30, through December 2
Thursdays, Clayton, 3:30 – 4:30, through December 4


Tuesdays, Maddox, 4:00 – 5:00, through December 4
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Tell us what you think

Two weeks from today, the Englewood Wellness Champions will be sharing an employee survey with you, so that you can help us create an approach to wellness that is inspiring and fun! Please keep an eye out for this survey.
In the previous editions of Act Now, we examined the use of food throughout Englewood Schools – during celebrations, use as reward/punishment, fundraising, and more.

Now, we will turn our focus to PHYSICAL ACTIVITY!

Click here to see the Englewood Schools Wellness Policy as well as the Nutrition Parameters:

….Englewood Schools supports the following:

3. Achieving goals for physical education and activity including the following:

e. Classroom staff for grades K-12 will incorporate physical movement into their classes with a minimum duration of one minute at least two times per hour. Examples include standing, stretching, energizers, and “Just a Minute” (JAM).

f. Promote options for student participation in physical exercise including athletic and extramural programs, student activities, etc.

g. Encourage physical activity verbally and through the provision of adequate space and age-appropriate equipment.

h. School staff will not use time allotted for physical activity as a discipline for students.

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