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Important Information for Everyone
  • Notice: Creditable Coverage: Please read this important update. Read more...
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the October 7 Board of Education Meeting. Read more...
  • 2014/15 Teacher/Licensed Professional Evaluations and 1338 Committee: Important information from Supt. Ewert. Read more...
  • School Finance 101: The finance department will provide school finance information in the next few publications of ACT NOW! Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Entering Scores for Acuity: This how-to will walk you through entering scores for the Acuity Assessment. Read more...
  • Pulling Reports for Benchmark Assessments: Use this tutorial to help you access class and student reports by standard. Read more...
  • A Timeline of Updates for Career and College Ready (CCR) Acuity AssessmentsRead more...
  • 2014 PARCC Reduction in Scheduled Time for Assessments: The amount of time needed for scheduling the administration of PARCC tests has been reduced. Read more...
  • ACCESS for ELLs Training: Two webinars are available as resources. Read more...
  • 2014 CMAS Results: Results are in.
  • October 20: Full day professional development.
  • Reading Plus: An update from Reading Plus about how to generate the Class Assignments Report. Read more...
  • Get Tickets to the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra: A fellow Englewood Schools employee can help you get discounted tickets to the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra. Read more...

Health and Wellness Corner
Important Information for Everyone

Notice: Creditable Coverage

Kaiser Permanente has determined the prescription drug coverage offered by the High Deductible plan (prescriptions covered at 100% after deductible is met) is, on average for all plan participants, expected to pay out as much as standard Medicare prescription drug coverage. Therefore, your coverage is considered Creditable Coverage. Because your existing coverage is Creditable Coverage, you can retain this coverage and not pay a higher premium (a penalty) if you later decide to join a Medicare drug plan. For additional information please contact Linda Shamlin in Human Resources at Linda_Shamlin@engschools.net.

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2014/15 Teacher/Licensed Professional Evaluations and 1338 Committee

On September 15, 2014, District Administrators and Englewood Educators convened a 1338 Evaluation Council that is a statutorily required body that consults with the Board of Education as to the fairness, effectiveness, credibility, and professional quality of the licensed personnel performance evaluation system, its processes and procedures, and conducts continuous evaluation of the system. Three major issues were identified as needing immediate attention as we work to improve the evaluation system in Englewood Schools. 
Please see this document for more information on the identified issues as well as the statutory requirements, district expectations and timeline.

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School Finance 101

Over the next few publications of ACT NOW!, the finance department will provide "School Finance 101" information. This is a complicated subject, but the attempt will be to put the information in easy to understand language. If ever you have questions about the District's finances, please contact Jon Kvale at ext. 2014, and I will be happy to answer your questions.
Please click here to see the first installment of School Finance 101.

Information for Teachers and Administrators

Entering Scores for Acuity
This PDF screen shot “Acuity Score Entry How To” will walk you through how to enter scores for the Acuity assessment. Remember all items must be scored by end of the day, October 10.
Below, you will find score entering instructions for the Acuity test questions that contained scoring mismatches between documentation and what's available to select on the manual teacher-scoring page.
  • 4th grade LA session 1 items #11, 22, 29 should show 0 and 2 but show 0 and 1.
    • A zero will reflect a score of 0
    • A one will reflect a score of 2
  • 5th grade LA session 1 items #11, 23, 29 should show 0 and 2 but show 0 and 1.
    • A zero will reflect a score of 0
    • A one will reflect a score of 2
  • 6th grade LA session 1 items #12, 21, 29 should show 0 and 2 but show 0 and 1.
    • A zero will reflect a score of 0
    • A one will reflect a score of 2
  • CTB fixed 4th grade math session 2 item #10. The manual scoring page is now showing 0, 1, 2 like it should!
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Pulling reports for Benchmark Assessments

Use the screen shot “ Acuity Reports How To” tutorial to help you access class and student reports by standard.
Also, the “help” button in the top right hand corner of the Acuity home page is a great resource for step-by-step instructions on how to run reports and much more!!

The Acuity assessment remains the same, in the fact that each test gets progressively harder. Like the previous Acuity Assessments, Assessment A measures much of the previous grade level content and some of the current grade level content. Loosely speaking, in order for a student to be “on track” to meet end of year standards, he/she should score at an 80% or better as this is typically accepted as a cut that demonstrate mastery of the content. It would be valuable for schools to use this cut as a guideline and make internal decisions about what type of scores they expect to see from each round of testing.

Please be advised that Reading reports for Acuity are not showing by standard as Acuity has an internal fix to make. It is our hope that the fix is completed by Friday, October 10th, when this publication is released.

Use the screen shot “ Aspire Reports How To” tutorial to help you access class and student reports by content and skill level.

Aspire Benchmarks are set up to measure each students progress toward end of year expectations. It would not be typical to see students scoring in the 80-100% range for any content area after the first benchmark. However, this is the goal by the end of the year. Use the reports to help guide instruction in the areas (skills) in which all of your student are scoring low, and to differentiate instruction by small group or individually.

If you have students who are already scoring at the 80-100% on a content area assessment, they are demonstrating mastery for end of year standards. You will need to think about how to extend and enrich the learning for these students.

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A timeline of Updates for Career and College Ready (CCR) Acuity Assessments

The following timeline details the content, capabilities, and reports that will be available immediately and throughout the fall and winter as new capabilities are added to support the Acuity CCR solution.

Available now:

  • Student Assessment Report
  • Student Item Analysis Report
  • Class Assessment Report
  • Class Item Analysis Report
  • Class Roster Report
  • Classroom Matrix Report
  • Single Assignment
  • Mass Assignment
  • View Assignments
  • Ability to assign Instructional Resources from Readiness reports

Available on October 27th:

Item Types
  • All item types used on Form A, plus:
  • Technology-enhanced matching items
  • Technology-enhanced equation and expression entry items
  • Technology-enhanced multiple correct response with support for partial credit
  • Student Assessment Report for Students from Student Test Taker
  • School and District Roster Reports
  • School and District Assessment Reports
  • School and District Item Analysis Reports
Additional Data
  • Homepage dashboard to include Readiness assessment results
  • Student homepage to include Readiness assessment results
  • Student Item/Data extract available for all Readiness assessments
The Acuity Readiness Assessments Form B window opens November 24th and closes December 12th.

Available on November 3rd:
  • Scaled scores published on reports for Form A, Session 1
  • Districts administering both Sessions 1 and 2 will be provided with a look up table to create a single scale from the results of both sessions 
Available on December 19th:

Item Types
  • All item types in Forms A and B, plus:
  • Technology-enhanced Select Text
  • Technology-enhanced Drag and Drop
  • Additional reports for Readiness test type
  • First adaptive reports
  • Fewer extra pages included in test booklets
  • Auto-assignment feature for Readiness assessments 

January 12th, 2015:

  • Scaled scores published for Form B
The Acuity Readiness Assessments Form C window opens February 2nd and closes February 20th.

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2015 PARCC Reduction in Scheduled Time for Assessments

The amount of time needed for scheduling the administration of PARCC tests has been reduced. This should provide relief in the amount of time students' class schedules are impacted. 

PARCC reviewed students’ engaged time in completing the spring field tests and the analysis resulted in reduced scheduled testing time for the spring 2015 operational assessments. The below table includes the total student testing time that should be scheduled for the PARCC English language arts and math assessments for each grade level and content area. 


Scheduled Time for Student Testing
Field Test in Spring 14 (in hours)

Scheduled Time for Student Testing Operational in Spring 15 (in hours)

Grade 3



Grade 4



Grade 5



Grade 6



Grade 7



Grade 8



Grade 9



Grade 10



Grade 11



Algebra I






Algebra II



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ACCESS for ELLs Training

An ACCESS for ELLs logistics webinar was held on Oct. 9 from 8:30 – 10 a.m. and an ACCESS for ELLs tier selection webinar will be held on Oct. 15 from 3-3:30 p.m. Both webinars will be recorded and posted to the ACCESS trainings page.

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2014 CMAS results are in

Principals have received a breakdown of the results from the new CMAS SS and SCI assessments that were delivered in the spring of 2014. Please ask them directly if you would like to see those scores.

We will print the results in the next issue of ACT Now, but for now, Please remember, the CMAS and CoAlt data are embargoed until October 17, 2014.  Results may not be publicly disseminated, distributed, or published in any Links.

Printed copies of the Individual Student Performance Reports for all students will be shipped to your district and are still scheduled to arrive during the week of October 13, 2014.  Two copies of each student report will be included in the shipment. These reports are very different from what we are familiar with seeing on TCAP. A Score Interpretation Training PowerPoint can be found here: http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/trainings

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October 20th Full Day Professional Development

PK – 6 Teachers will be involved in Day 2 of the three day LETRS training. Please remember to bring your training guides from the first training. If you do not know which location you should attend, please ask your building principal.

7-12 Teachers will be involved in vertical articulation of curriculum. Everyone will meet in the TEC Auditorium at 8:00 am and then subdivide by content after an overview message regarding purpose has been set. If you have questions regarding details, please ask your building administrators.

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Tickets to the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra

Taryn Galow is the new braillist in the district and is also a bassist with the Denver Philharmonic Orchestra. 
If you are interested in attending a Denver Philharmonic Orchestra concert, you can get tickets for $10 by entering the code "orchestra" online. There are also some discounts on tickets on Amazon. Another option is to contact Taryn via email, who can put your name on tickets at unpaid will call at the door. Children 12 and under are free.
Concerts sell out quickly, so be sure to get your tickets early. Please check the schedule at denverphilharmonic.org.
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Health & Wellness Corner

Englewood Schools Wellness Champions

Be a part of the most fun committee around – become a wellness Champion! Wellness champions are simply interested in bringing more health and wellness to Englewood Schools; that means students, staff, and parents. Please check the Englewood SuperChampions area of the website for more information. We will be holding a meeting in the next month, so be on the lookout for more information or contact Dale Lumpa. Social networks spread positive habits quickly; the more, the merrier!
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Fall Fitness Classes

Fall fitness classes are starting around the District! You may attend any class, at any location. FREE to all Englewood Schools Employees. Each class lasts one hour, and runs for six weeks. 
The current class schedule is as follows, but please check the ES website https://www.englewoodschools.net/Page/3191 for the most up to date schedule. Classes are still being added!!
 Class  Location  Day  Time  Runs 
 Zumba  EHS  Wed  4 PM  8/27 - 10/1
 Boot Camp  Clayton  Thurs  3:30 PM  9/4 - 10/9
 Pilates  Maddox  Tues  4 PM  9/16 -10/21
 Boot Camp  Cherrelyn  Mon  3:30 PM  9/15 - 10/20
 Yoga  Bishop  Tues  3:45 PM  9/9 - 10/14
 Zumba  CFAHS  Wed  4:40 PM  9/10 - 10/15
 Boot Camp  Ch Hay  Tues  3:30 PM  9/2 - 10/14
These classes are sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. ALL employees may participate – not limited to Kaiser members!

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District Wellness Policy - Nutrition Focus

A core component of the ES Wellness Policy is nutrition. Not only the kinds of food provided to students and staff during breakfast and lunch, but also the way in which food is used inside the classrooms, e.g. for celebrations and rewards. 
In the previous editions of Act Now, we examined the first eight components of the use of food throughout Englewood Schools (B.2. a-h). 
Click here to see the Englewood Schools Wellness Policy as well as the Nutrition Parameters: 
The remaining components of the Policy related to the use of food are below. 
….Englewood Schools supports the following:
2. Ensuring that students have the opportunity to practice healthy nutrition habits whenever food and beverages are offered at school. Therefore:
   i. At least 50% of fundraising activities, both during school hours and outside of school hours, will not involve the sale of food or beverages. Fundraising activities that involve the sale of food will not take place until after the end of the last lunch period. The District will disseminate a list of non-food fundraising ideas to staff and parents annually.
   j. School-sponsored events (such as, but not limited to, athletic events, dances, or performances) will offer menus in which at least 50% of the items sold meet the Englewood Schools Nutrition Parameters for meals or for foods and beverages sold individually.

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