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Important Information for Everyone
  • District Snow Closure Procedures: As we head into colder weather, the district snow closure procedure has been updated. Read more...
  • STEM Article: Scholastic Administrator published an in-depth article on Englewood's STEM program. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Schoolnet Writing Score Buckets: Helpful tips for scoring the district quarterly writing assessment in Schoolnet. Read more...
  • CASE Leadership Development Diversity Program: A program to help address the shortage of administrators of color in Colorado's public education system. Read more...
  • Language, Culture and Equity English Learner Lunch Hour Webinars: Save the dates. Read more...
  • EHS Craft Fair Seeking Vendors: The 2014 Craft Fair will be held on 11/22/2014. Read more...
  • More EEF Fundraiser Leftovers: These items from the EEF fundraiser are for sale. Read more...
  • Discounted CU Buffs Tickets: School employees can get discounts on select CU games. Read more...
Health and Wellness Corner
Important Information for Everyone

District Snow Closure Procedure

Please take some time to understand the district's snow closure process by reading the attached document

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STEM Article

Scholastic Administrator published an in-depth article about Englewood's STEM program in the 2014 Back to School Edition. You can read it here

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Please take a look at the instructions for scoring the district quarterly writing assessment in Schoolnet.  Here are some helpful tips:
  • Be sure your test name includes "2014-2015" and the correct quarter (see list of all test names).
  • You will notice that there are only two tests per quarter this year, an elementary (K-6) and a secondary (7-10) test.  Hopefully this will make matching test and student grade levels less confusing.
  • Another important change is that you will now enter the total score only instead of entering a score for each standard.
Please contact Debbie Durham at 303-806-2004 or debbie_durham@engschools.net if you have any questions or problems.

This leadership program was created by the CASE Diversity Council to help address the shortage of administrators of color in Colorado’s public education system. As the population of students of color continues to grow, especially in urban school districts, there is little opportunity for students to encounter positive leadership role models of similar culture, race and/or ethnicity. Through self-reflection, homework assignments and group exercises, this program will help participants consider the role of leadership in their professional life, assess their strengths and opportunities for growth and engage in a mentoring experience with leaders of their choosing.

To learn more, click here.

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The Office of Language, Culture and Equity is hosting monthly informative webinars on various topics that impact English learners statewide. The webinars are interactive, with the opportunity to provide comments and ask questions.

The webinars are from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. on the dates listed below. The dial-in for each webinar is 1-866-414-8096.

Wednesday, Sept 24—Identification and Program Placement http://connect.enetcolorado.org/elplacement/

Wednesday, Oct 22—ELPA and Excellence Award http://connect.enetcolorado.org/elpaaward/

Wednesday, Jan 28—Graduation Guidelines http://connect.enetcolorado.org/elgrad/

Wednesday, Feb 25—READ Act http://connect.enetcolorado.org/elreadact/

Wednesday, May 27—State ELP Assessment http://connect.enetcolorado.org/elpassessment/

Click Here for Additional Information

For More Information, Contact:
Rebekah Ottenbreit

Language, Culture and Equity
Phone: 303-866-6285
Email: ottenbreit_r@cde.state.co.us

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EHS Craft Fair Seeking Vendors

EHS Craft Fair is looking for vendors to participate in the 2014 craft fair being held 11/22/2014.

Please contact Connie Wagner at EHS if you are interested.
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More EEF Fundraiser Leftovers

These three lovely scarves are for sale from the EEF Fundraiser.
  • Pink: $10
  • Blue/multicolored: $10
  • Yellow/orange weave: $20
Please contact Karen Miller if you are interested in purchasing one of the scarves.
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Discounted CU Buffs Tickets

Message from CU:
Colorado athletics would like to offer all teachers and staff discounted football tickets for our first two home football games as a way to just say thank you for everything they do! All they have to do to purchase the discounted tickets is visit www.cubuffs.com/promo and enter the special promo code.  Every section in the stadium is discounted so just pick where you would like to sit!
Please see this attached flyer for the promo code and more information.

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Health & Wellness Corner

Englewood Schools Wellness Champions

Be a part of the most fun committee around – become a wellness Champion! Wellness champions are simply interested in bringing more health and wellness to Englewood Schools; that means students, staff, and parents. Please check the Englewood SuperChampions area of the website for more information. We will be holding a meeting in the next month, so be on the lookout for more information or contact 
Dale Lumpa. Social networks spread positive habits quickly; the more, the merrier!
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Fall Fitness Classes

Fall fitness classes are starting around the District! You may attend any class, at any location. FREE to all Englewood Schools Employees. Each class lasts one hour, and runs for six weeks. 
The current class schedule is as follows, but please check the ES website https://www.englewoodschools.net/Page/3191 for the most up to date schedule. Classes are still being added!!
 Class  Location  Day  Time  Runs 
 Zumba  EHS  Wed  4 PM  8/27 - 10/1
 Boot Camp  Clayton  Thurs  3:30 PM  9/4 - 10/9
 Pilates  Maddox  Tues  4 PM  9/16 -10/21
 Boot Camp  Cherrelyn  Mon  3:30 PM  9/15 - 10/20
 Yoga  Bishop  Tues  3:45 PM  9/9 - 10/14
 Zumba  CFAHS  Wed  4:40 PM  9/10 - 10/15
 Boot Camp  Ch Hay  Tues  3:30 PM  9/2 - 10/14
These classes are sponsored by Kaiser Permanente. ALL employees may participate – not limited to Kaiser members!

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District Wellness Policy - Nutrition Focus

A core component of the ES Wellness Policy is nutrition. Not only the kinds of food provided to students and staff during breakfast and lunch, but also the way in which food is used inside the classrooms, e.g. for celebrations and rewards. 
In the previous editions of Act Now, we examined the first eight components of the use of food throughout Englewood Schools (B.2. a-h). 
Click here to see the Englewood Schools Wellness Policy as well as the Nutrition Parameters: 
The remaining components of the Policy related to the use of food are below. 
….Englewood Schools supports the following:
2. Ensuring that students have the opportunity to practice healthy nutrition habits whenever food and beverages are offered at school. Therefore:
   i. At least 50% of fundraising activities, both during school hours and outside of school hours, will not involve the sale of food or beverages. Fundraising activities that involve the sale of food will not take place until after the end of the last lunch period. The District will disseminate a list of non-food fundraising ideas to staff and parents annually.
   j. School-sponsored events (such as, but not limited to, athletic events, dances, or performances) will offer menus in which at least 50% of the items sold meet the Englewood Schools Nutrition Parameters for meals or for foods and beverages sold individually.

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