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Important Information for Everyone
  • Monitoring Progress: TCAP 2014 assessment results for the district and schools are attached. Read more...
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the August 5 Board of Education Meeting. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Assessments 2.0: Assessment systems are changing just as quickly as assessments themselves. Read more...
  • Girls STEM Night Out: Please share this fun opportunity with girls in grades 9-12! Read more...
Health and Wellness Corner
  • The Foundations of a Healthy Work and Learning Environment: A review of the district wellness policy. Read more...
  • Fall Fitness Classes: See what's coming in the fall. Read more...
Important Information for Everyone

Information for Teachers and Administrators

Assessments 2.0

Assessment systems are changing just as quickly as assessments themselves. Please review each assessment to see if there are changes in any tests you will be administering this year.
To view the dates for all assessments, check out the assessment calendars available on the district website under For Staff and Assessments.
Acuity will continue to be the benchmark assessment system for Math and ELA in grades 3 -6. Grades 7-10 will use Aspire to benchmark student progress during the 2014-2015 school year. For more details regarding benchmark assessments in grades 7-10, see the Aspire section below.
Acuity has updated their assessments to align to the CCSS standards so the printed materials that you have used in the past will no longer be relevant. Learning Services is in the middle of printing CR items and answer keys for all 3-6 teachers as well as a few printed copies of the tests to be used with students who might need accommodations.
Acuity has also updated their user interface allowing for easier access to reports and student data. You can expect screen shots of how to access teacher and student logins and scoring procedures in the next issue of ACT Now.
All students in grades K-6 will take the Aimsweb fluency benchmarks during the 2014 - 2015 school year. Additionally, all students will have an account, which will give them access to the progress monitoring probes and aimline charts helping teachers determine if prescribed interventions are working. Any student who qualifies for a READ Plan must be monitored using the Aimsweb system, and any student who is not reading at grade level can also access the assessment probes. To view the assessment cut scores for SRD and proficiency qualifications, check out the district website: For Staff, Learning Plans, Read Act Assessment Requirements.
Aimsweb has migrated to a new user interface, which provides the same great data as before but has an updated navigation system. Click here   to see the key differences between the previous and new aimsweb. All K-6 teachers can expect to be trained using Aimsweb on August 22 and administer the first Aimsweb benchmark during scheduled assessment days.
Learn more about Aimsweb here
Aspire is the new Benchmark assessment system that was collaboratively chosen by district and school leaders for grades 7-10. Benchmark assessments are aligned to ACT and provided for the following content areas:
  • Reading
  • English
  • Math
  • Science
The Aspire Benchmark windows will run concurrently with the Acuity Assessments in order to help teachers guide instruction to meet end of year standards that will be assessed on PARCC and CMAS.
Teachers can expect to receive webinar tutorials for administering these online assessments in the coming weeks.
To learn more about Aspire click here: http://www.discoveractaspire.org/assessments.html
Quarterly Writing Prompts
Quarterly writing prompts will be scored using a new online scoring system (called Schoolwide) that is aligned to the CCSS writing standards. The district has provided a first quarter writing prompt, but all other prompts will be teacher created, aligned to units of instruction, and in response to grade level text, providing students with an authentic writing experience.
Elementary principals have set aside early release time during the school year to support teachers with the new scoring system and to build inter-rater reliability between like grade level teachers.
To see the quarter one writing prompts and to login to Schoolwide visit the district website: For Teachers, Assessments, Assessment Resources.
The writing prompts for grades 7-12 will also be aligned to ACT. The district will use the ACT 6 point writing rubric for grades 9-12 and a scaffolded ACT 6 point writing rubric produced by Aspire for grades 7-8. You can view the prompts, exemplars, and rubrics on the district website: For Teachers, Assessments, Assessment Resources.
CMAS for 12th Graders
This fall all 12th grade students will participate in the new Colorado Science and Social Studies assessment called CMAS. Teachers can expect to have a formal training prior to the opening of the online assessment window in Early November. To learn more about CMAS, click here: http://www.cde.state.co.us/assessment/newassess-sum
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STEM Girls Night Out

Girls in our district have a great opportunity to participate in Girls STEM Night Out on Sept 19; a night of fun and learning at Arapahoe Community College.
Please share the attached flyer and registration form with girls in grades 9-12 who might be interested in participating in this awesome event! Registrations are due by Sept. 5.
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Health & Wellness Corner

The Foundations of a Healthy Work and Learning Environment

In June of 2011, The Englewood Schools Board of Education approved a revised version of the District wellness policy for staff and students. All schools that receive funding for free and reduced lunch are required by Federal law to have a school wellness policy.  
This year, each ACT NOW will include one segment of the policy. If you have any questions, please email Dale Lumpa, District Wellness Coordinator, OR plan on attending one of the Wellness Committee meetings this year. We are also looking for your input on how these policies can be communicated and implemented in each building. Please contact Dale!
Let’s start from the top. What is Englewood Schools committing to, with regard to staff and student health? 
A. Englewood Schools is committed to promoting student wellbeing and academic achievement by supporting quality nutrition and physical activity as part of the learning environment. The District recognizes that collaborating with parents, students, school personnel, health professionals, and community members is the most effective method of creating a healthy environment where children can learn about and adopt positive lifestyle habits that are essential for them to achieve their full academic potential, as well as lifelong good health and wellbeing. 
The wellness policy can be found on the Englewood Schools website at Our District > Board of Education > Board Policy > ADF.
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Fall Fitness Classes

On-site fitness classes will be made available again in the fall. The classes are FREE to all Englewood Schools employees, and are held on-site at schools / buildings. These classes are made available by Kaiser Permanente (but you do not need to be a Kaiser member to participate!).
The classes that will be available in the fall are:
  • Boot camp
  • Cross Fit
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
Please contact your school or building Wellness Champion or Caryn Tomasiewicz to share your preferred:
  1. Class (type)
  2. Day of the week
  3. Time of day
  4. Start date
  5. Instructor name (if you know it)
  6. Your phone number (or the name and phone number of the person who will serve as the instructor’s point of contact). 
  7. Any blackout dates (e.g. due to a school event, public holiday, etc.). 
A listing of Wellness Champions can be found on the Englewood Schools website under Departments > Health and Wellness >> Superchampions.

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