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Important Information for Everyone
  • From the Superintendent: IMPORTANT UPDATE! Spring 2014 Evaluation: Measures of Student Learning. Read more...
  • Monitoring Progress: January Data Team Winners!
  • Considering Retirement or Resignation? A friendly reminder.
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the January 14 Board Meeting. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Online Practice Items for the PARCC Assessment: See what the new assessments will look like. Read more...
  • Data from Spring Assessments Determine the SPF and DPF Score Ratings for the Next Two Years: Read more...
  • Personal Financial Literacy: Englewood received a grant to support the integration of Personal Financial Literacy into classrooms and curriculum across the district. Read more...
  • Gifted Students - Monitoring Advanced Learning Plans: It's now time to formally monitor the goals on the new ALP form. Read more...
  • Professional Development Opportunities in Ireland: Spend your summer in Ireland with these PD courses.  Read more...
Health and Wellness Corner
  • FREE On-Site Fitness Classes Starting in January: On-site fitness classes are BACK! Read more...
  • Kaiser's Partners in Health Publication: Get tips for a healthy lifestyle. Read more...
  • Thrive Across America Round 2: Round 2 will begin on February 10th. Read more...
  • Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees: The Kaiser Total Health Assessment can help you examine what's affecting your overall health. Read more...
  • Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION! If you're interested in finding out more about wellness at Englewood Schools or have ideas, become an ES Superchampion! Read more...

Important Information for Everyone

UPDATE: Spring 2014 Evaluation Process

In the last issue of ACT NOW!, teachers and administrators were provided information on Englewood Schools’ approach to the Measures of Student Learning portion of a licensed teacher/service provider’s evaluation per SB 10-191 (Read more...).
  • 50% = Professional Practices (out of 540 points)
  • 25% Individual Attribution (out of 270 points
  • 25% Collective Attribution (out of 270 points)
  • Evaluation Total = (out of 1080 points)
Individuals and licensed professional groups were asked to send assessments, rubrics, and scoring information to Michell Ansley so we could begin the process of organizing the data collection for the entire school district.  Please refer to the attached spreadsheet (current as of to 2-6-14) to determine next steps for you and your colleagues.
Please note that every teacher in the district is accounted for on the spreadsheet, along with the content area and assessment/data point from which they will draw their individual attribution score.  Please find your name and color code to determine next steps in providing us the information we need to move forward. 
  • BLUE: Assessment complete; data available in School Net.
  • GREEN: Ready to assess; assessment, rubrics, and scoring methodology approved.
  • YELLOW: Missing one or more components.
  • RED: No evidence of assessment sent to Michell Ansley regarding individual attribution and student measures.
This is a work in progress so it is possible the spreadsheet has inaccuracies or missing information.  If this is the case, simply email Michell Ansely and Brian Ewert and it will be corrected immediately. 
In March, teachers will be provided detailed instructions on how data will need to be recorded in SchoolNet or on spreadsheets. For now simply focus on the quality and fidelity of the assessment itself.
Please remember that if we do not have student measures data from you by 4:00 p.m. on March 31, 2014, you will receive 0 of 270 points for the individual attribution portion of the evaluation.

Each licensed professional’s collective attribution score has already been calculated based on the 2013 School Performance Framework.  See the chart below for the collective attribution score that you will receive out of 270 points (25% of the evaluation).
Performance Framework Score
(out of 100)
Group Attribution
(out of 270)
Spring 2014
Group Attribution
Expected Growth
Expected Growth
Expected Growth
Expected Growth
More Than Expected Growth
Expected Growth
Expected Growth
Charles Hay
Expected Growth
Expected Growth
ECE @ Maddox
84.9 (COR Average)
More Than Expected Growth

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Monitoring Progress

Congratulations to the Science Department at CFAHS for making the most achievement gains in their last Data Team Cycle. The team increased the percentage of students scoring P/A by 85% between the prepared pre and post assessment.

To see the results of all Data Teams, click here.
Considering Retirement or Resignation?

Just a friendly reminder, if you will be retiring or resigning at the end of the 2013-2014 school year, please complete a separation notice and submit to your supervisor for their signature. Be certain to make a copy for your records and submit the completed separation notice to Linda Shamlin in Human Resources as soon as possible. The separation notice can be located on the district website >> Departments >> Human Resources & Benefits >>Human Resources Info>> Forms >> Forms for Employees >> Separation Notice.

If you are considering retirement, please be certain to contact PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association) as they will provide information directly related to your retirement. PERA agents can be reached at 1-800-759-7372 or 303-832-9550.
Please know we wish you all the best as you move toward exciting new opportunities and adventure!
Don’t hesitate to reach out to Linda Shamlin in Human Resources at 303-806-2029 if you have any questions.

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Information for Teachers and Administrators

Online Practice Items for the PARCC Assessment are now Available

Teachers and students can see what the new assessments will be like by completing sample items at the following link and clicking on “sample item” tab at the top of the web page.

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Data from Spring Assessments Determine the SPF and DPF Score Ratings for the Next Two School Years

A large part of Colorado’s educational accountability system (district and school performance frameworks) are based on results from state assessments. Implementing new state assessments will have an impact on district and school accountability.

To ensure validity and fairness of accountability system, adjustments will need to be made during the assessment transition period. CDE recently released a proposed transition plan, which requires legislative approval. Under this proposed plan, the majority of accountability adjustments are made for the 2015 accountability frameworks. Because the results from the new English language arts and mathematics assessments will be delayed for the first year and growth scores may be difficult to interpret, accountability ratings for 2015 will be based on the 2014 framework rating, and for districts, continued compliance with their accreditation contract.

Read a fact sheet about this proposed plan at the link below.

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Englewood Received a Grant to Support the Integration of Personal Financial Literacy into Classrooms and Curriculum Across the District

Heather Greenwood has been hired to support this effort, read about her and the project below:
“Hello!  My name is Heather Greenwood and I am excited to have joined Englewood this January as Financial Literacy Coordinator.  Prior to this role I worked as a CPA and then a high school business teacher for 12 years.  As some of you may know, House Bill 1168 was passed in Colorado in 2008 which required the adoption of financial literacy standards in our educational system.  Following this legislation, in December 2009, the Colorado State Board of Education adopted revised content standards that included integration of Personal Financial Literacy standards within both the economics and mathematics content areas.  You can click here to view a quick overview of these standards K - 12
The district was recently awarded a grant by Great-West Life to help develop a plan to integrate the Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) standards into the curriculum across the district K - 12.  As part of this grant, I will have the opportunity to work with administrators and teachers across the district around personal financial literacy.  I have three main goals in this role.  1) To partner with and support administrators and teachers in integrating the PFL standards in the most manageable and effective manner 2)  To provide additional education for teachers in their own personal financial literacy to increase their confidence in teaching this content, and 3)  To develop outreach opportunities for parents and community members to receive education and resources around personal financial literacy and also getting kids excited about financial literacy as well! 
I look forward to meeting many of you individually this semester, but within the next week all teachers will be receiving an online Personal Financial Literacy Survey from me.  I am requesting your help in completing this survey so that I can begin to identify your personal comfort level with financial literacy, familiarity with the PFL standards, and what tools, training and support is most needed in working with you towards integration of these standards.  I will also be inviting any interested teachers district wide to become part of a Personal Financial Literacy  teacher cadre that will have opportunities for personal education, training and curriculum development with additional pay or credit as incentive. 
Thank you in advance for your time in completing the survey in the upcoming week.  I really appreciate it as I know you all have limited time.  It will really help me be effective in supporting you as we begin to be intentional about making personal financial literacy a part of all students' experience and preparation for life in Englewood schools!    Also feel free to take a look at the new web page for Personal Financial Literacy under the For Staff link on the district home page.  It has a monthly financial tip and some website resources for your own personal financial knowledge.  I look forward to working with all of you and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas around financial literacy.  I love talking money!”

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Gifted Students - Monitoring Advanced Learning Plans

Teachers, thank you for the time and energy you have spent creating rigorous and meaningful goals for students.  Students and parents have expressed excitement and motivation about the goals, generated based on student interests and needs!
It is now time to formally MONITOR the goals on the new ALP form.  The teacher liaisons have sent this information to you.  If you have any questions, contact your school liaisons or me.
Also, all GT students now have an alert in Power School by their name signifying what area of GT they are identified in.
Gail Stine

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Professional Development in Ireland

See this flyer to learn more about professional development courses on 21st Century skills offered in Ireland this summer. 

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Health & Wellness Corner

FREE On-Site Fitness Classes Starting in January

On-site fitness classes are back! You may attend any class, at any location. You do not need to be a Kaiser member to participate! All classes are 60 minutes in duration.
The classes currently being offered are:
Zumba, CFAHS, 3:30 PM, 1/27 – 3/10 (skip 2/17)
Pilates, RDAB, 4:45 PM, 2/3 – 3/17
**Yoga (Vinyasa Flow), Charles Hay, 3:35 PM (note: non-Kaiser sponsored class - fees apply)**
Yoga, Bishop, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Pilates, Maddox, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Boot Camp, Charles Hay, 3:15 PM, 1/28 –3/4
Zumba, EMS, 4 PM, 1/22 – 2/26
Boot Camp, Cherrelyn, 3:15 PM, 1/23 – 2/27
Boot Camp, Clayton, 3:15 PM, 1/30 – 3/6

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Kaiser Partners in Health Publication

Click here for a copy of Kaiser’s “Partners in Health” publication, an excellent newsletter that contains detailed information about Kaiser’s health and wellness offerings in the Denver-metro area, as well as healthy cooking tips, success stories, how to eat healthily on a budget, and more! 

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Thrive Across America Round 2!

Round 2 of Thrive will begin on Monday, February 10th! This time you will be visiting different destinations across the United States.
Remember that you can log your activity via your computer or Smartphone! You can participate as an individual, or as a team.
So start chatting it up with your co-workers and friends! The registration link is:
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Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees

The Kaiser Total Health Assessment (THA)  is an easy questionnaire that can help you examine what’s affecting your overall health—from how often you exercise to what you eat in the morning—and then help you prioritize your lifestyle changes to reduce your risks.

How is my information protected?

This questionnaire is part of a confidential and voluntary program that is part of the Englewood Schools wellness program. It provides you with important information on how to stay healthy. No individual health information will be provided to anyone at Englewood Schools.

Kaiser members may complete the assessment online. If you are not a Kaiser member you may request a paper assessment fromLinda Shamlin in the Human Resources Office.

To complete the Total Health Assessment online:
1. Log on to kp.org with your user ID and password
2. Hold mouse over “My Health Manager” tab, click on “My Medical Record.” Click on “Past Visit Information” and “Test Results” to write down your blood pressure, cholesterol (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides), and fasting glucose. If you do not have these test results yet, you may skip this step.
3. Click on “Health and Wellness”; and then click the “Total Health Assessment” icon. Scroll down and click “Start Succeed now.”
4. If this is your first time entering the site, click “I agree” to Terms & Conditions and click “Next.”
5. Complete the HealthMedia® Succeed™ Total Health Assessment.
6. Print out your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of special online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

Once you have completed your THA, bookmark or print your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

This program is FREE to all Englewood Schools employees, both Kaiser and non-Kaiser members. 

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Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION!

If you are interested in finding out more about the staff and student wellness initiatives at Englewood Schools, or have an idea that you’d like to implement, become an ES Superchampion! Please contact Dale Lumpa, Englewood Schools Wellness Coordinator, to learn about how you can get involved! Dale_lumpa@englewood.k12.co.us.

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