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Important Information for Everyone
  • From the Superintendent: Measures of student learning for SB 10-191. Read more...
  • Monitoring Adult Progress: Professional learning survey results are in! Read more...
  • Monitoring Student Progress: December Data Team winners!
  • Board Briefs: Catch up on what happened at the December 10 Board Meeting. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Teacher Grants to Be Had: Could you use $3,500 for your classroom? Read more...
  • Second Semester Assessments: Here is a handy reminder of all the assessments for second semester. Read more...
  • Quarter 2 Writing Assessment: Student outcome data from the second quarter writing assessment needs to be entered into Schoolnet by January 29, 2014. Read more...
  • Voices of Englewood's Gifted and Talented: This edition: third grade teacher, EHS teacher and EHS students. Read more...
  • Discount Tickets to the National Western Stock Show: Get your tickets mailed directly to your home. Read more...
  • Support the EHS marching band TONIGHT: Eat at Chipotle and the proceeds go to the marching band. Read more...
  • Staff Discounts on Auto Repair: Ferney's Lube and Auto Repair would like to offer discounts to Englewood Schools staff. Read more...
IT Updates
  • Charles Hay Technology Uses Highlighted: Congratulations to Charles Hay World School. Read more...
  • FREE EdCamp Denver: Want to attend this "un-conference"? Read more...

Health and Wellness Corner
  • FREE On-Site Fitness Classes Starting in January: On-site fitness classes are BACK! Read more...
  • Small Steps to Big Change: Break it down into small goals. Read more...
  • Thrive Across America Round 2: Round 2 will begin on February 10th. Read more...
  • Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees: The Kaiser Total Health Assessment can help you examine what's affecting your overall health. Read more...
  • Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION! If you're interested in finding out more about wellness at Englewood Schools or have ideas, become an ES Superchampion! Read more...

Important Information for Everyone

Measures of Student Learning for SB 10-191


If you haven't done so, please send us (Brian Ewert, Karen Brofft, Michell Ansley) information related to the assessment you will be using to determine student growth and/or proficiency. If your teacher group is using Acuity or DRA2, we already know who you are and what data points will be used.   For teachers groups using rubrics, the rubrics must report on a four point scale:

4 = advanced
3 = proficient
2 = partially proficient
1 = unsatisfactory

The rubric will also need to have a "key" or "legend" which indicates the range of points allocated to final proficiency levels. The assessment and rubric will need to be vetted at the district office.

In addition, we are continuing our refinement of the State's expectation that 50% of each teacher's evaluation is based on measures of student learning.  In the development of the Englewood 2013/14 Evaluation System, here is the current state:

Professional Practices = 50% of the overall evaluation (X out of 540 points)
School Performance Framework = 25% of the overall evaluation (X out of 270 points)
Individual Attribution = 25% of the overall evaluation (X out of 270 points)

CDE's Professional Practices Cut Points:
Basic = 0 to 54
Partially Proficient = 55 to 189
Proficient = 190 to 324
Accomplished = 325 to 459
Exemplary = 460 to 540

CDE's Measures of Student Learning Cut Points:
Much Less Than Expected Growth = 0 to 134
Less Than Expected Growth = 135 to 269
Expected Growth = 270 to 404
Higher Than Expected Growth = 405 to 540

CDE's Cut Points for Final Teacher Effective Ratings:
Ineffective = 0 to 188
Partially Effective = 189 to 458
Effective = 459 to 728
Highly Effective = 729 to 1080

50% Professional Practices = 180 out of 540 points = Partially Proficient

50% Measures of Student Learning
School Performance Framework = 299.7 out of 540 = Expected Growth
Individual Attribution = 200 out of 540 = Less Than Expected Growth
(299.7 + 200 = 499.7 ÷ 2 = 249.85)

FINAL RATING = 180 + 249.85 = 429.85 = Partially Effective

50% Professional Practices = 120 out of 540 points = Partially Proficient

50% Measures of Student Learning
School Performance Framework = 305.1 out of 540 = Expected Growth
Individual Attribution = 100 out of 540 = Much Less Than Expected Growth
(305.1 + 100 = 405.1 ÷ 2 = 202.55)

FINAL RATING = 120 + 202.55 = 322.55 = Partially Effective

Please familiarize yourself with the three sets of cut points and scales provided by the Colorado Department of Education as well as the examples provided of how the scoring system will be applied.  If you have any questions, please contact Brian Ewert, Karen Brofft, or Michell Ansley.

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Monitoring Adult Progress

Thanks to all the teachers who took the time to respond to the Professional Learning Survey that was released the week prior to Winter Break. Ninety-eight teachers responded and the results can be found by clicking here.
Monitoring Student Progress

Congratulations to Cerri Norris and Jessica Smith for making the most achievement gains during the December Data Team Cycle!

Cerri and Jessica teach first grade at Cherrelyn and increased the percentage of students demonstrating proficiency from 25% to 74% in one month's time. This gain exceeds that of any other Data Team in the district for the month of December.

Click here to see all the results for December.

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Information for Teachers and Administrators

Teacher Grants

Teachers wanting extra resources (isn’t that all of us?) are encouraged to check out Groove Automotive’s Drive For Education page.  The Groove family of automotive dealers pledges to make an impact on education.  Up to 20 schools will be chosen for awards of up to $3,500.

The deadline is March 13th, with winners announced on April 10thClick here to for the short and simple application process!  

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Second Semester Assessments

This document is a one-page reminder of all of the assessments for second semester that are required by the state of Colorado or Englewood School District. It is a great resource to print out and keep on your desk!

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Quarter 2 Writing Assessment

Student outcome data from the second quarter writing assessment needs to be entered into Schoolnet by January 29, 2014. Teachers will follow the same process for entering data as they did the first quarter.

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Voices of Englewood's Gifted and Talented

The purpose of this newsletter is to create awareness, share ideas, and communicate about gifted education and gifted students in Englewood.  Read what one teacher and four students have to say!  If you have a story to share that would create awareness, share an idea or communicate about gifted students or gifted education in Englewood, please contact Gail Stine at Gail_stine@englewoodschools.k12.co.us.

Read the newsletter here.

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National Western Stock Show

Called the Super Bowl of Cattle Shows, the National Western Stock Show is a 16-day Colorado extravaganza taking place January 11-26th at the National Western Complex.  It is the world’s largest stock show with more than 15,000 animals, rodeo performances, horse shows, livestock competitions, mutton busting, petting stalls and a trade show that includes over 900 vendors.  Grab your boots and cowboy hat and come join the fun!

Use this form to order your tickets.

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Support the EHS Marching Band

TONIGHT, January 17, from 4-8pm, Chipotle will be donating 50% of its proceeds to the Englewood High School Marching Band!

All you have to do is go to Chipotle this evening, show them this flier or mention the fundraiser, and half of what you spend at Chipotle will go to support the marching band.

See you there! 

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Staff Discounts on Auto Repair

As we are getting established in the community, we would like to reach out and offer a School Employee Discount to show our support!

Located at 4611 S. Santa Fe, Englewood, CO 80110, at Santa Fe and Union, next to the Conoco/7-11, Ferney’s Lube and Auto Repair is open Monday-Friday, 8-6, and Saturdays, by appointment.  (P) 303.762.9516

Bring in this e-mail to receive:

$5.00 off an oil change or 10% off any auto repair

We appreciate all you do for the students in the Englewood School District, and hope you take this opportunity to come see us!  Go Pirates!

Thanks and Regards, 

Ferney Colorado, Owner
Erik Abbott, Service Manager

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IT Updates

Charles Hay Technology Uses Highlighted

Congratulations to Charles Hay for being spotlighted by the Colorado Governor’s Office for its creative use of technology.  Using a video conferencing unit, staff and students at Hay have taken virtual field trips around the world, corresponded with sister schools in Africa, and receive robotics instruction from graduate students at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  The program coordinator has called Charles Hay a blueprint for the future of elementary distance learning.  More here 

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FREE EdCamp Denver

What: A free “un-conference” for educators by educators to share knowledge and work collaboratively. It’s an empowering approach to professional learning, where we provide the space, and you are the talent. Want more information about EdCamp?

When: February 1, 2014 8:00am - 2:00pm
**Breakfast & lunch will be provided**

Where: KCAA
2250 S Quitman Way Denver, CO 80219
Register:  Here

Health & Wellness Corner

FREE On-Site Fitness Classes Starting in January

On-site fitness classes are back! You may attend any class, at any location. You do not need to be a Kaiser member to participate! All classes are 60 minutes in duration.
The only fee-based class is the Monday Vinyasa Flow class at  Charles Hay. This class is not being sponsored by Kaiser, but anyone is welcome to attend!
Please also check the ES website under Health and Wellness >> Staff Wellness for more information.
Zumba, CFAHS, 3:30 PM, 1/27 – 3/10 (skip 2/17)
Yoga (Vinyasa Flow), Charles Hay, 3:35 PM – click HERE for dates and fees
Yoga, Bishop, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Pilates, Maddox, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Boot Camp, Charles Hay, 3:15 PM, 1/28 –3/4
Zumba, EMS, 4 PM, 1/22 – 2/26
Pilates, RDAB, 4:45 PM, 1/23 – 2/27
Boot Camp, Cherrelyn, 3:15 PM, 1/23 – 2/27
Boot Camp, Clayton, 3:15 PM, 1/23 – 2/27

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Small Steps to Big Change

Change is possible, and it’s easier to attain when you break it down into small goals. Watch this inspiring clip from bestselling author Tom Rath.

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Thrive Across America Round 2!

Round 2 of Thrive will begin on Monday, February 10th! This time you will be visiting different destinations across the United States.
Remember that you can log your activity via your computer or Smartphone! You can participate as an individual, or as a team.
So start chatting it up with your co-workers and friends! The registration link is:
Sign ups begin on January 27th!

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Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees

The Kaiser Total Health Assessment (THA)  is an easy questionnaire that can help you examine what’s affecting your overall health—from how often you exercise to what you eat in the morning—and then help you prioritize your lifestyle changes to reduce your risks.

How is my information protected?

This questionnaire is part of a confidential and voluntary program that is part of the Englewood Schools wellness program. It provides you with important information on how to stay healthy. No individual health information will be provided to anyone at Englewood Schools.

Kaiser members may complete the assessment online. If you are not a Kaiser member you may request a paper assessment fromLinda Shamlin in the Human Resources Office.

To complete the Total Health Assessment online:
1. Log on to kp.org with your user ID and password
2. Hold mouse over “My Health Manager” tab, click on “My Medical Record.” Click on “Past Visit Information” and “Test Results” to write down your blood pressure, cholesterol (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides), and fasting glucose. If you do not have these test results yet, you may skip this step.
3. Click on “Health and Wellness”; and then click the “Total Health Assessment” icon. Scroll down and click “Start Succeed now.”
4. If this is your first time entering the site, click “I agree” to Terms & Conditions and click “Next.”
5. Complete the HealthMedia® Succeed™ Total Health Assessment.
6. Print out your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of special online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

Once you have completed your THA, bookmark or print your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

This program is FREE to all Englewood Schools employees, both Kaiser and non-Kaiser members. 

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Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION!

If you are interested in finding out more about the staff and student wellness initiatives at Englewood Schools, or have an idea that you’d like to implement, become an ES Superchampion! Please contact Dale Lumpa, Englewood Schools Wellness Coordinator, to learn about how you can get involved! Dale_lumpa@englewood.k12.co.us.

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