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Important Information for Everyone
  • School Funding: School districts around the state are asking for vital school funding to be restored. Read more...
  • Monitoring Progress: See the progressive results for Reading, Math and Writing. Read more...
Information for Teachers and Administrators
  • Elementary Summer School Teaching Positions: We are looking for talented and dedicated teachers for our summer program. Read more...
  • SB-191 Data Collection: Please read this important update. Read more...
  • Voices of Englewood's Gifted and Talented: This edition: fourth grade teacher and students from Clayton Elementary. Read more...
  • Pirate Apparel: Englewood Pirate apparel is now available online!. Read more...
  • Support the EHS marching band TONIGHT: Eat at Chipotle and the proceeds go to the marching band. Read more...
  • Looking to Raise Money?: Pizza Hut offers ways for your team or organization to raise funds. Read more...
IT Updates
  • Don't Be a Maverick: Please don't update to Mac OS 10.9 Maverick. Read more...
  • Skyhawks Soaring: EMS was featured in eSchoolNews!
  • FirstClass Email Going Away...: This will be a phased, gradual transition. Read more...
Health and Wellness Corner
  • FREE On-Site Fitness Classes: On-site fitness classes are BACK! Read more...
  • Wellness Committee Meeting: March 6th.
  • Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees: The Kaiser Total Health Assessment can help you examine what's affecting your overall health. Read more...
  • Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION! If you're interested in finding out more about wellness at Englewood Schools or have ideas, become an ES Superchampion! Read more...

Important Information for Everyone

School Funding

Since 2009, State funding for Colorado's schools has been reduced by more than $1 billion. This money now sits in an "education fund" held by the State Legislature. Superintendents are calling for this money to be restored to public schools where it belongs.

Read this letter from the majority of Colorado superintendents to the Governor and Legislature. Also read Superintendent Ewert's take on the funding in Denver Post's YourHub.

We are asking our community to contact State legislators and ask them to restore this vital funding to our schools.

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Monitoring Progress

Acuity C data as well as second quarter writing data are in. The screen shots below will show the progressive results for Reading, Math, and Writing.


Information for Teachers and Administrators

Elementary Summer School Teaching Positions

Data indicates that students who are performing below grade level in reading and math benefit from an extended school year. The  district elementary summer program will be held July 7 to August 1st, 2014. We are presently looking for talented and dedicated teachers for this program. Please watch for the posting on our website or contact Melanie Dressman for details.  

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SB-191 Data Collection

Individuals and licensed professional groups were asked to send assessments, rubrics, and scoring information to Michell Ansley so we could begin the process of organizing the data collection for the entire school district.  Please refer to the attached spreadsheet (current as of to 2-20-14) to determine next steps for you and your colleagues.
Please note that every teacher in the district is accounted for on the spreadsheet, along with the content area and assessment/data point from which they will draw their individual attribution score.  Please find your name and color code to determine next steps in providing us the information we need to move forward. 
  • BLUE: Assessment complete; data available in School Net.
  • GREEN: Ready to assess; assessment, rubrics, and scoring methodology approved.
  • YELLOW: Missing one or more components.
  • RED: No evidence of assessment sent to Michell Ansley regarding individual attribution and student measures.
All teachers who are not using Acuity, DRA2, or a teacher created Schoolnet assessment, will need to provide the district office with assessment data to meet the requirements of SB 191 by Monday, March 31 at 4:00.
During the week of March 10th, the district office will email each individual (grouped by similar assessment cohorts) a spreadsheet that needs to be completed.
Unless something else has been previously agreed upon, please be prepared to upload the following information for each student:
  • First and last name of all students in assessed cohort
  • SASID for each student
  • The level of proficiency (as indicated by a 1, 2, 3, or 4) each student achieved on the approved assessment
The district will be able to pull the data directly from Acuity and Schoolnet for any teachers who administer Acuity, DRA2 or a Schoolnet assessment.
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Voices of Englewood's Gifted and Talented

This edition of: “Voices of Englewood’s Gifted”, highlights a 4th grade teacher and students from Clayton Elementary. The purpose of this newsletter is to create awareness, share ideas, and communicate about gifted education and gifted students in Englewood Schools. If you have a story to share that would create awareness, share an idea or communicate about gifted students or gifted education in Englewood, please contact Gail Stine at Gail_stine@englewoodschools.k12.co.us.

Read the newsletter here.

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Pirate Apparel

Englewood Pirate apparel is now available ONLINE!  Below is the link for the site.  Proceeds benefit the athletic & activities programs. Thanks to Sportline for sponsoring and managing our content. Here’s the link: http://www.teamathletics.com/c-359-englewood-high-school.aspx

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Support the EHS Marching Band

TONIGHT, February 21, from 4-8pm, Chipotle will be donating 50% of its proceeds to the Englewood High School Marching Band!

All you have to do is go to Chipotle this evening, show them this flier or mention the fundraiser, and half of what you spend at Chipotle will go to support the marching band.

See you there! 

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Looking to Raise Money?

Pizza Hut offers two ways for teams, clubs or organizations to fundraise. Here's what Pizza Hut says:

Fundraiser Night options are designed to bring students and their families together by creating a dining event everyone can enjoy.   Fundraisers can also utilize our delivery and carryout services.  This makes it easy for everyone to get their favorite pizza and raise money for prom.  We agree to a date, you spread the word and everyone eats pizza; your school will receive up 20% of net sales!  A brief description of our Fundraiser Night program is below.  Additionally, a detail page is attached.
  • Voucher ProgramWe provide a voucher, you distribute to students and their families, vouchers are turned in with payment….we cut you a check.
  • Online ProgramYou enter a unique code with online orders and you are automatically credited with the sale.  Works alone or in conjunction with voucher programs.
If you are looking for instant cash, we also offer our fundraiser cards. Cards are sold for $10 each; you keep $6 from each card sold.  Each card includes 12 opportunities to get a FREE medium pizza with a $15 minimum purchase. The card pays for itself with just one use!  There is no upfront cost.  For more information and to order cards, go to www.npcinternational.com/customers/fundraising or call 1.866.299.1148.
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IT Updates

Don't Be a Maverick

Staff, please do not update to Mac OS 10.9 Maverick.  If you do so, many print drivers and PowerSchool Gradebook drivers will not work. While ITS can help roll you back to version 10.8, in the meanwhile you’ll have limited functionality. 

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Skyhawks Soaring!

Big ups to the hard working staff and students at Englewood Middle School for being featured in eSchoolNews as a Connected District.  The article goes on to detail the thoughtful work staff and students are engaged in to extend their learning through the use of hardware and software platforms.  Way to go, Skyhawks!

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FirstClass Email Going Away

A committee has been formed (Thanks to Julie McGinley, Mica Buenning, Trish Bruno, and Christopher Van Dyke!) to help Englewood Staff migrate away from the FirstClass email system and the .englewood.k12.co.us email system. No action is required at this point by staff. Look for information in the coming months detailing how to complete this migration and tips and tricks to our new email system, engschools.net. Again, no action is needed at this time, and this will be a phased, gradual transition lasting many months.

Questions? Email Mike Porter using either engschools.net OR Englewood.k12.co.us.
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Health & Wellness Corner

FREE On-Site Fitness Classes Starting in January

On-site fitness classes are back! You may attend any class, at any location. You do not need to be a Kaiser member to participate! All classes are 60 minutes in duration.
The classes currently being offered are:
Zumba, CFAHS, 3:30 PM, 1/27 – 3/10 (skip 2/17)
Pilates, RDAB, 4:45 PM, 2/3 – 3/17
**Yoga (Vinyasa Flow), Charles Hay, 3:35 PM (note: non-Kaiser sponsored class - fees apply)**
Yoga, Bishop, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Pilates, Maddox, 4 PM, 1/28 – 3/4
Boot Camp, Charles Hay, 3:15 PM, 1/28 –3/4
Zumba, EMS, 4 PM, 1/22 – 2/26
Boot Camp, Cherrelyn, 3:15 PM, 1/23 – 2/27
Boot Camp, Clayton, 3:15 PM, 1/30 – 3/6

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Wellness Committee Meeting - March 6th

The District-wide wellness committee will meet again on Thursday, March 6th at 3:45 PM. Location TBD.
This group consists of teachers, administrators, parents and employees. Our work entails reviewing the District Wellness Policy, and “bringing it to life!”
Meetings last one hour. Please join us! Contact Dale Lumpa for more information: dale_lumpa@englewood.k12.co.us

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Free Health Risk Assessment Available to All Employees

The Kaiser Total Health Assessment (THA)  is an easy questionnaire that can help you examine what’s affecting your overall health—from how often you exercise to what you eat in the morning—and then help you prioritize your lifestyle changes to reduce your risks.

How is my information protected?

This questionnaire is part of a confidential and voluntary program that is part of the Englewood Schools wellness program. It provides you with important information on how to stay healthy. No individual health information will be provided to anyone at Englewood Schools.

Kaiser members may complete the assessment online. If you are not a Kaiser member you may request a paper assessment from Linda Shamlin in the Human Resources Office.

To complete the Total Health Assessment online:
1. Log on to kp.org with your user ID and password
2. Hold mouse over “My Health Manager” tab, click on “My Medical Record.” Click on “Past Visit Information” and “Test Results” to write down your blood pressure, cholesterol (LDL, HDL, and triglycerides), and fasting glucose. If you do not have these test results yet, you may skip this step.
3. Click on “Health and Wellness”; and then click the “Total Health Assessment” icon. Scroll down and click “Start Succeed now.”
4. If this is your first time entering the site, click “I agree” to Terms & Conditions and click “Next.”
5. Complete the HealthMedia® Succeed™ Total Health Assessment.
6. Print out your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of special online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

Once you have completed your THA, bookmark or print your personal report and make plans to improve your health with a variety of online programs, health education classes, and discussions with your personal health care team.

This program is FREE to all Englewood Schools employees, both Kaiser and non-Kaiser members. 

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Join the Coolest Committee in the District – be a CHAMPION!

If you are interested in finding out more about the staff and student wellness initiatives at Englewood Schools, or have an idea that you’d like to implement, become an ES Superchampion! Please contact Dale Lumpa, Englewood Schools Wellness Coordinator, to learn about how you can get involved! Dale_lumpa@englewood.k12.co.us.

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