Englewood Schools

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District Accountability Committee

Englewood Schools’ District Accountability Committee carries out the responsibilities outlined by the State of Colorado for district-level accountability committees.  Specifically, District Accountability Committees are responsible for (1) making recommendations to the Englewood Schools Board of Education concerning priorities for spending district and federal funds, (2) making recommendations concerning the preparation of the district’s Performance, Improvement, Priority Improvement, or Turnaround plan (whichever is applicable), (3) providing input and recommendations to principals, on an advisory basis, concerning the development and use of assessment tools to measure and evaluate student academic growth as it relates to teacher evaluations, and (4) cooperatively determining other areas and issues to address and make recommendations upon.
The Englewood District Accountability Committee is also authorized to publicize opportunities to serve on District and School Accountability Committees and solicit parents to do so, assist the district in implementing its parent engagement policy, and assist school personnel in increasing parents’ engagement with educators. A more comprehensive description of the composition of DAC and its responsibilities is available on the Colorado Department of Education website.