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Russian Grafitti Art and me on a travel adventure in Moscow
Hi! My name is Kim, and I teach art at C.F.H.S.C.  Welcome to my SchoolWires page.
This is a photo of graffiti in Moscow that I discovered while visiting Russia.  I try to travel as much as possible in order to learn about the art of diverse cultures. 
In 1999/2000, I travelled through India and created a virtual trip from my photos for my art students.  If you'd like to visit the places I explored, click on the link below.
At C.F.H.S.C, you can learn how to do all kinds of art forms in my classes.  My speciality is cartooning because I used to do political and sports cartoons for local Denver newspapers and magazines before I became an art teacher.  Some of the other mediums I teach are painting, clay sculpture, paper mache' and life drawing.  I'm always trying to create new classes to keep my art students from getting bored, and I've compiled quite a long list over the years, including some favorites like: Portraiture, Contemporary Art, Writing and Illustrating Children's Books, Psychedelic Art, Chessboard Design, Darwin's Studio, Abstract Art and Urban Art.  I also collaborate with social studies teachers to offer such multi-cultural classes as: the Art of Asia, Day of the Dead, African Art, Art of Central America, Art of Mexico and Haitian Voodoo Art. Another class that I offer helps students learn the value of giving back to the community by donating their artwork to charity organizations.  In Crafts for a Cause, we create paper mache' vases from recycled bottles that are used for centerpieces at charity events.  They are auctioned off to the highest bidder to benefit such non-profits as Dumb Friends League, Divine Feline Clinic, Kindness Ranch and CASA, a child advocacy organization. 
Denver has a vibrant art scene, and I love to take students on field trips to experience the rich cultural offerings of our city.  Some student favorites include performances by the Colorado Ballet, plays and art gallery exhibits.  Every June, a team of CFHSC artists compete in a mural painting contest at the Capitol Hill People's Fair.  We plan our design and paint it at the festival, competing against other Denver-area youth organizations.  We've also won awards in such contests as the Sidewalk Art Festival and the First Congressional Art Competition.
I believe that anyone can do art.  We just need to discover that we can.  I hope to see you in my classes so that we can uncover that hidden talent!
If you need to reach me you may call at 303-806-2515 Extension 1515  or