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Online Classes

Englewood Public Schools uses two online educational providers to support high school students who require online learning options.  GradPoint and FloridaVirtual School offer online classes including core subjects, world languages, electives, honors and Advanced Placement courses.

These courses are available to students if the following criteria are met:

  • District funding is available to cover the cost of tuition for the online course or the student agrees to pay the full cost of the course(s)
  • The student demonstrates the desire and ability to work independently, manage their time, and communicate well with teachers and counselors. 
  • The student must have reliable access to their own phone and computer and must have their own internet service
  • The requested course is not offered on one of high school campuses or there is a schedule conflict that cannot be remedied
  • The student and parent must sign a promissory note and contract agreeing to repay the district for the cost of tuition if the class is not completed with a grade of (C) or better.  All online courses cost $400 per course, per semester. If the student passes the class, there is no fee to the student. 

Please see your school counselor for more information.