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Belong and Thrive


Senate Bill 09-256 and Colorado State Board of Education Rules 1 CCR 301-81 created standards for Individual Career and Academic Plans (ICAP). The goal of ICAP is to ultimately decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates by assisting students and their parents/guardians in developing and maintaining a personalized postsecondary plan that ensures readiness for postsecondary and workforce success.
Why Do ICAPs Matter?
  • Because we know it is best for students to make plans for their futures, even if those plans change.
  • Because School Boards have Post Secondary Workforce Readiness goals that are now charged to fulfill.
  • Because the District School Counseling Standards include academic and career planning for all students.
  • Because the 2009 state of Colorado’s School Finance Act requires that sixth (6th) grade students open a College In Colorado account in order to begin the ICAP process.
  • Because Colorado’s legislature passed laws requiring ICAPs for students in 9th through 12th grade promoting the exploration of careers, post secondary education, and high school success.  Englewood has chosen to implement ICAPs beginning in 6th grade.
  • Because Colorado’s legislature passed legislation on concurrent enrollment programs.  In order for a student to participate in the concurrent enrollment program, they must have an ICAP directly relating to the post-secondary course.
Additional Information