Why 1-to-1 iPads with Google Apps for Education?

One-to-One Technology in Englewood Schools

Englewood Schools is proud of its 1-to-1 iPad program. All K-12 students have iPads issued to them by the district except at Colorado's Finest High School of Choice which has 1-to-1 devices comprising 1/3 iPads and 2/3 Chromebooks. Combined with the abilities of a skillful teacher, we believe in the power of technology to enhance student learning.  Student use iPad loaded with Google Apps for Education and a selection of many other useful apps for teaching and learning. 
According to Colorado Revised Statute 22-81-102: "The state of Colorado has the responsibility to provide equal opportunity in mathematics, science, and the use of technology to all Pre-K-16 students." Therefore, Englewood Schools also has this responsibility. Like the textbooks of 20 years ago, all students should have access to the curriculum. Today, much of our curriculum is delivered by digital means. This is primarily through the student iPads but also includes computer labs and chromebook carts. This is why all student are required to have an iPad and why parents/guardians cannot opt them out of important curricular delivery tools such as iPads.
There are many great reasons for using iPads and Google Apps for Education. See iPad in Education Results and Why Use Google Apps for Education for more information about why we use these two excellent technologies.