Technology / iPad Cases

The Englewood Schools Technology Department provides each student with a standard iPad case when they are issued an iPad. If the student wants to upgrade their iPad case to a better one, they can do so at their own expense if a district technical support technician pre-approves the case. If a student wants to upgrade their case, they must get approval BEFORE installing the case on their iPad. Bring in the case (preferably still in the package) to your school’s technical support technician and request approval. If the case meets our high standards for safety and durability, it will be approved and a sticker will be placed on the back of the case to indicate that the district authorizes it. The old standard case must be turned in upon approval.

Students are advised to purchase cases on the list below or show a district technician a link to the case they are considering before purchasing a case. All cases will need hard plastic protection on all four corners and be just as durable as standard district cases. If a case was already purchased, and is not approved, the district is not responsible for the cost of the new case and the student will have to use the district issued case.
Suggested Cases:
For added iPad protection, we also recommends that students carry their iPads in a backpack with a protective sleeve in it for computers/iPads such as the DuraPack.