Student Services

Student Services Department

Student Services is dedicated to providing supports and services to students, who require any additional help beyond what is provided in the general education classroom/school setting, in order to be successful in school. Our department oversees all of the plans and services provided by support personnel to our students.  It is our goal to properly identify each student's needs and help decide what services and or plans will assure they can access the general education environment and reach their full potential. These services typically fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • READ Act 
  • Title I
  • Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act 
  • Special Education
  • Health and Nursing 
  • Mental Health
  • Truancy
  • School to Work Alliance (S.W.A.P.)
  • Medicaid
  • Community
  • Homeless
  • Safety
  • Homebound

Student Services Vision

To appropriately identify, serve and support students allowing them to access their education while in the most inclusive learning environment available to meet their individual needs. 

Student Services Mission

To provide the best support and services required to allow students to access their education while holding high expectations for student growth.


Parent and Child Rights in Special Education

Special Education Handbook for Parents

Contact Department of Student Services

Callan Clark
Executive Director of Student Services
Kelly Prien
Student Services Secretary
Becky Manning LSW
Truancy Intervention Specialist
District Homeless Liaison
Interagency Team Coordinator
Marie LeBlanc
Student Services Coordinator
Mental Health
Medicaid Coordinator  
Lisa Bodek
Out-of-District and Child Welfare Education Liaison
Littleton and Englewood Public Schools
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