Mr. Ryan West

Mr. Ryan West

Mr. Ryan West
Phone: 303-806-2200


Principal, Englewood High School

July 2017


Dear Englewood Parents and Students,


As I begin my 2nd year as the Principal at EHS, I am simply humbled and grateful at the same time to have the opportunity to serve you, your families, and your community as the leader of this beautiful building. As always, creating a safe environment for every student and staff member is my number one priority.  We will take steps to make sure that everybody that walks into any of our three unique schools on this campus feels safe and secure.


We also want to continue our work of creating a culture of excellence within our school community.  We want to challenge all students, teachers, staff members, parents, and community members to take pride in everything they do, rise to challenges, hold ourselves and each other to high expectations, and to engage in a rigorous educational experience.


New this year at our Middle School is the return of core academic teams. With this format, students will be placed on a team consisting of 110-120 students who will all have common teachers that will work together to ensure we are meeting the needs of every student. Our hope is to create a ‘family’ type atmosphere where deeper relationships are created. At our High School we are looking forward to the creation of Senior Capstone project opportunities and creating a Health Sciences pathway for our students.


We look forward to continuing the great traditions that have been established in Englewood Schools over the past 100+ years.  We need to continue to move forward creating 21st century learning environments for our students, infusing all of the latest technologies into everyday learning, and guaranteeing that every student is performing at grade level or above and seeking immediate interventions for those who are not.  We will continue to make sure that staff members are given ample opportunities in the area of professional development to stay on top of the latest and most effective trends in education.  Most importantly, you can be assured that everything that we continue to do at TEC will be focused on the best interests of your children.  Together, we look forward to working with you in an educational community that is dedicated to excellence.


On a personal level, I am happily married with four children of my own. We reside in Highlands Ranch and most of my free time (if there is such a thing) is spent coaching one of my kids sports teams or running them around from event to event.


Belong and Thrive!


Ryan West