School Meals

Food and Nutrition Service provided at ECE Maddox

All meals at ECE are provided family style

This type of meal service allows teachers, caregivers, and children to eat together, creating a relaxed environment. Also, this method is ideal for providing a conversational environment where children can not only develop good social skills but can also learn good eating habits.

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Characteristics of Family Style Meals

  • Food is placed on the table in serving bowls, plates, or baskets.

  • There are serving utensils for all food.

  • Everyone, including the adult, sits down together and eats the same meal.

  • Food is passed from one person to another.

  • Everyone serves himself (or receives assistance as needed).

  • There is adequate food provided on the table for the children and adults.

  • Children may have second helpings.

  • Everyone participates in a pleasant social atmosphere.

  • There is opportunity to practice cooperation and respect.


Food and Nutrition Service Contacts Englewood Schools

Ms. Lisa Rodriguez

ECE Kitchen Manager 




Katie Cossette, RDN, SNS

Director of Nutrition Services

Phone: 303-806-2049


Samantha Morse

Administrative Assistant of Nutrition

Services/Free & Reduced Coordinator

Phone: 303-806-7907


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