Our Program


                                             ECE Mission Statement


Preparing all students for future success through learning, leading, engagement and action.



Graduating the leaders, thinkers, and explorers of tomorrow.

Core Values

High Expectations





In partnership with families and the Englewood community, the Englewood ECE will provide and support high quality developmentally appropriate, comprehensive early childhood services which meet the social/emotional, physical and educational needs of all preschool-age children, and their families.

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                                                            Preschool Funding



Funded preschool is available for children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old who meet eligibility requirements through the Colorado Preschool Program, Head Start or Special Education and provides a comprehensive system of services which address child, family, and community needs. All students who accept funded slots are expected to attend at least 85% of the sessions for which they are funded. Preschool is also available for children on a tuition basis.
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Head Start Funding


If funding is not available we also accept tuition-paying families please see below for rates


Part Day Preschool

$350.00 per month (Flat rate) 

($3,500.00 per year / 10 monthly payments)


Full Day Preschool

$345.00 per month ($3,450/10 months) = If eligible for partial funding

$690.00 per month ($6,900/10 months) = If not eligible for funding


                                                   ECE Program Days and Hours


Classrooms Hours 2018-2019

- 8 Full Day Classrooms  (Monday-Friday)   8:30-3:30pm

- 4 Half Days Morning Classrooms (Monday-Thursday) 8:15-11:30 am

- 3 Half Days Afternoon Classrooms (Monday-Thursday) 12:15- 3:30 am


Extended School care:

Before and after school care is available for an additional charge. Please see the tuition contract in the main office for details. Drop in child care is not available. Space is limited! 

Before school care: 7:00 - 8:30 am

After school care: 3:30-5:00 pm

Non-student Professional Development Child Care: $43.40 per day (these are held once a month on Fridays, please see calendar for more info) 

                                      Your Childs Learning Experience at ECE




School readiness skills such as listening to stories, recognizing name, counting, and early writing skills

- Social/Emotional skills such as identifying feelings, learning how to make friends, and learning how to take turns and share

- Independence through activities such as, dressing for recess and taking care of personal belongings

- Learning new words and how to use language to express their ideas, wants, and needs

- Thinking skills such as problem-solving and focusing on activities

                                                        Classrooms at ECE


ALL aspects of the school are designed to support children’s growth and development. Decisions ranging from the physical set-up of the furniture and materials in the classroom to the selection of books in the library, to the type of tomato plant growing in our garden are all focused, intentional, and grounded in the foundational practices that guide our school. Teachers observe children and use their interests to shape the curricular choices provided in the classroom—literacy is infused throughout each learning experience.

                             We are using the following curriculums: 


The curriculum, instruction and assessment adopted by the Englewood ECE program at Maddox meets all the standards outlined in the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines, the Colorado Department of Education Academic Standards and School Readiness Criteria, and the Head Start Learning Outcomes. The High/Scope curriculum model guides us as we plan and implement the preschool/childcare program. It emphasizes the process of learning. The curriculum adapts to children with a wide range of abilities and builds on their strengths and interests. It is a "hands-on" program with a focus on active involvement. We supplement High/Scope with other resources to ensure that we are fully preparing students for kindergarten.

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Enrollment and Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Children must be between the ages of 3-5 (children must be 3 before October 1st) 
  • A Child Find Screening is a part of the enrollment process please click here for more information about our ECE Screenings.
  • Call Ana Chavez to schedule a screening at 303-806-2522 or Office at 303-781-7585


3838 South Huron Street | Englewood, Colorado 80110 | 303.781.7585 | fax 303.806.2535