Early Childhood Education / Family Involvement

Family Involvement at ECE!


Family involvement is a vital part of the success of children’s education at ECE Maddox. We organize several family education and networking events that encourage discussion and support among parents, their children, and school staff.

We invite all of you to join us. Let’s start something together. Let’s change the world!!

Workshops, Trainings, and Discussion Groups


These events are led by ECE staff and community members and supporters. Topics range from education and family wellness, kindergarten transitions, parenting challenges and more.

School Climate Survey

We want to know what YOU think about your child's school.

The information from the survey will help us improve student relationships, learning conditions, and the school's overall environment.

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Family Nights - Hands On Trainings!


See invitations below

Field Day May 16th 2019














Family Events / Community-Building - Hope you'll be joining us!

Our family events are opportunities for families to get to know each other, learn about programming, receive resources, enjoy food, educational activities, and to have fun!



Monday, August 20th                          Open House

Thursday, September 20th                 All About Preschool Fair & MTSS

Thursday, October    17th & 18th       School Family Conferences 

Thursday, October 25th.                     Wellness Family Night hosted by Culture of Wellness in Preschool

Thursday, January 17th or 24th         Kindergarten Round Up  & School Grand Opening 

Thursday, February 21st                     STEAM Night

Thursday, April 18th or 25th               ONEbook4Colorado -  ECE Art Show

Thursday, May 9th                               End of the year celebration


*Dates may be subject to change



Volunteering at ECE Maddox


Please reach out to our ECE Family Services Liaisons for ways to be involved

Michele Hughes 303-806-2494 or Lupe Claveria 303-806-2526

A Father's Program "The Maddox Bee Keepers" 

Please contact family liaisons how YOU can be involved!





ELA Volunteers


Field Day - Special Olympics Volunteers


Library and Reading Volunteers




Community Volunteers




Family Advocacy at ECE Maddox

Families have the opportunity to be on advisory boards, use our family services liasons as well as our multidisciplinary special services team. Councils and teams work together to discuss a range of issues and provides resources and opportunities that promote successful families.

Advisory Council at ECE Maddox

The Advisory Council is made up of parents, community members, and school staff, to ensure that decisions about ECE are made with the input of local community.


Responsibilities of Advisory Council Members

- Ensure the provision of high quality, developmentally appropriate pre-school services

- Determine and advise if the pre-school is meeting the needs of our community

- Identify and recommend eligibility factors applicable to our community

- Identify strengths and areas for growth


Please participate and serve on the Advisory Council!

This is an opportunity to develop your leadership skills, contribute to the quality of your child's education, and have an impact on his or her success in school.

Meeting Schedule TBD


Questions? Please contact Pres-school principal Leigh Pytlinski Phone: 303-806-2521 or Email: leigh_pytlinski@engschools.net

Head Start Council at ECE Maddox

Questions? Please contact Pre-school principal Leigh Pytlinski Phone: 303-806-2521 or Email: leigh_pytlinski@engschools.net

Language Development Council (LDC) Englewood Schools

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Meeting Schedule 2018-2019

Questions? Please contact school district LDC Coordinator Lorenzo Moreno Phone: 303-532-7151 or Email: lorenzo_moreno@engschools.net

CLD Team 

LDC News letters provided by Lorenzo Moreno